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  1. April 17th, what if Aaron shows up at the Packers Facility? All of all sudden that silly looking GM offers the Jets a 5th and AR for the Jets to take on AR's contract. The Jets lose no picks.
  2. As a pass rusher that seems kind of old even in a rotation for what is normally an explosive first step position.
  3. Lol, seriously though the main thing is that he isn't sitting around playing madden while consuming mass quantities of whatever. He's a big guy and need the calories as a pro athlete. He just can't be lazy at any time.
  4. I'm shocked that he may have had some maturity issues, and acted in a juvenile manner.
  5. Mims offers more physically than Moore. He's a taller stronger target who blocks far better. However, I think the reason one is gone and the other isn't is because of what we don't see behind the scenes. How they each handled themselves (attitude and behavior) is probably the difference.
  6. Or, maybe there is already a deal in place, and they're waiting on dates for cap purposes or a contract revision. Both teams know each other's hand at this point. One team needs this to happen. Whereas, the other would like it to happen. Walk away from the need for immediate gratification, accept that it's done already, and you'll just have to wait for the terms.
  7. Yeah, not if he's injured or locked up which was the premise of the post you're quoting. Clearly WR's could do without QBs that pass like they're skipping stones.
  8. Glad to see it, but it's a long road. Hopefully, he's matured and realizes that to play at a high level and be the man you have to work your ass off, and it needs to be a lifestyle. If he can stay on the field and live up to his potential that would be amazing.
  9. Queue up Watson getting hurt or indicted prior to the season.
  10. JD should set dates for when the offer becomes less than it was previously.
  11. Have fun in Cleveland, douche. I'm glad he can see AR coming to town as he's banished to Cleveland. Not thrilled that a 3rd was also required.
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