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  1. The D is playing with rookie backups starting for other rookies, and everyone is in the first year of the system. Not a bad start at all; in fact it's pretty damn good. Once the O gets going, even a little is more than none, the team will look far more respectful.
  2. Hope so, but my wager is that they are feeling the heat to play play-makers, and not hold them to knowing everything at all time first.
  3. Yeah, and I hate to sound like an apologist, but I think it was the first draft he ran, and during the most ****ed year in a long time. The latter rounds are certainly disappointing while the first two have tons of talent and issues, but it's early in year two for them. MB definitely is looking bad with the TB RT (Wirfs?) looking great, and not being injured consistently. If things don't get better I'll bring the torches.
  4. I think the problem is that people are burnt out on the concept of rebuilding. While some people are being unreasonable, like a person who's been passed around and is now scarred, it's understandable with the way the team has been run. If the Jets get better each week they'll come around. They're looking for the bad, and understandably during the first two weeks of this newest version of the Jets they don't have to look hard, but they should have expected a slow start.
  5. Um, Parcells was also the coach I believe. It's a small detail, but probably not insignificant.
  6. Yeah, right out of the gate with a new, well, everything... BB* has never befuddled an inexperienced rookie QB before, right. Every o-line with major changes is ready week one as a cohesive unit I'm sure... The D played better. The O should definitely be run heavy for a while. There are plenty of things that need to get better or change. Mims should be on the field playing in any role he does know. JD has had 2 off-seasons to rebuild a piss poor roster at every position. However, I'm sure you would have hit every pick and FA contract if you were in charge...... There wouldn't be any injuries e
  7. That moment when an insecure loser of a person has to come to a struggling team's message board to try and feel better about himself... You're still that little person when you close the browser... Cheers.
  8. Animal Mother as Joe Douglas while he stares at the Giants GM.....
  9. It's criminal that he isn't on the field more. I don't care that he may not know every position. Play him at the ones he knows when the opportunity is there, like last week.
  10. That's some stand up stuff right there taking less so that they go to Jets fans.
  11. Every OLine should be wearing knee braces. It's too easy for guys to get rolled up in the trenches.
  12. I forgot the Jets had a good team when JD got here after the draft and FA, and all JD has had to do the last couple of years is fix the OL. I mean he has drafted OL high in back to back years. Signed a few OL. It isn't like he abandoned the OL for the glory of drafting BPA every year. Meanwhile they played one game this year. The rookie LG got a rude awakening and will get better. The tackles aren't bad even with MB hurt. In his two drafts and FA periods he has prioritized the OL. Oh, new system too. Wait, those aren't absolutely verifiable facts those are excuses right? Question that he shou
  13. Or maybe its the first game of the season with multiple new guys one rookie (who was out for a while) and they need some time to... I ----ing hate to use this word, but it's true of the o-line "gel" as all lines do.
  14. Um, he seemed to do quite well in his first game with the circumstances of getting sacked and hurried pretty much every play and still posting: 20/37 258 2 1. For you fantasy guys he was worth more points than sam that game. Remember sam's first pass as a rookie?
  15. They chose Wayne C and picks over his massive ego. He's that spurned girlfriend.
  16. Wait, you're telling me Keyshawn is a USC homer... Never would have guessed.
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