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  1. Right, and at least you can look at the oline, and see injuries having an effect. What is the DLines excuse? All praise and no criticism gasses up a guy's head.
  2. Our D-Line is the highest paid in football. WTF! They're questioning RS as that was what he wanted.
  3. How about no more rookie HCs............. How about guys who are actually accomplished, and pay them what they want.
  4. Sure it is. The roster is better. However, it is young and the QB is injured. Add in a HC in his second year, and the results aren't surprising. At least there is hope the young players will get better as opposed to the previous, well forever, when the top of the Jets roster was as good as most other teams' bottom of the roster. Or would we be better off with lots of bloated bust worthy contracts, cap hell, and false hope based on big names?
  5. Which kid? Flacco's 38 or something. He's sports old. I don't think anyone wants him to fail either. It's just that the outcome with him at QB is obvious minus a miracle. He isn't the only issue, but as QB he's a big one.
  6. Is he though? Who was letting the 3rd string LT get massacred, and didn't give him help with a TE to chip block? I'm pretty sure that's on the OC.
  7. Another off target pass off the WR hands for the game sealing int.
  8. Coach is worried if White plays well he'll have to manage a "qb controversy" with the dimwitted media, and hyper partisan fans.
  9. People who buy PSLs, jerseys, parking passes, concessions, and merchandise are all complicit enablers.
  10. Patience.... Flacco magic takes place in the last 90 seconds of the game...
  11. It's almost as if the OC should put a TE next to the LT to help block... Gee, and me without a PHD in football...
  12. Immobile statuesque QBs make an oline look worse than they may be. Mobile QBs make an oline look better than they may be.
  13. True, and yet my point remains the same kick him inside. We need more push from the inside.
  14. Kick JFM inside permanently and start Clemons or Johnson.
  15. Well, they don't get paid otherwise. This isn't the NBA.
  16. Wrong routes are being called for him. Mims is the 505/50 jump ball down the sideline guy. Moore should be running west coast routes.
  17. The 5'8" guy isn't going to win jump balls down the sideline. Particularly when the pas is pulling the play out of bounds. Poor play calling. Poor execution.
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