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  1. More like he's had a few injuries. When he was healthy the dolphins won.
  2. There has to be some balance to a team. A great passing team that doesn't play defense won't win much. Having said that... Anyone who doesn't see the rules favoring the passing game (making it much easier to move the ball and score) isn't paying attention. A team like the Ravens has a QB who is a threat to pass and run and uses both to set both up. So while they have big rushing numbers it's very much in part because LJ adds a lot of yards that they might not get if teams aren't defending for the pass when he takes off and runs. Yes, I know they run a lot of designed runs for LJ, but even on those teams have to be worried about him simply rolling out to pass.
  3. Immediately giggled on the inside when I read this.
  4. Those people are stuck on stupid. For the first time in like twenty years the pats* aren't in the afc champ game or sb and they're whining. Cry baby m@ssholes*.
  5. Father time ended the pats* last night. The idea that ground and pound ended the pats* dynasty is just your preferred narrative.
  6. Calling Mr. Revis. We know how the hold out story goes.
  7. Tannehill was constantly injured. Two ACL tears (16-17, 17-18) and a shoulder injury (18-19) so there's always that. My god you people are so desperate and slow that you'll grasp onto anything. Is that you Nancy P? https://sportsinjurypredictor.com/player/ryan-tannehill/5061
  8. Does it though? Did the DL room get weaker, off paper, when LW was traded? Seems the DL started playing better. I think once you have a good QB, who also has time thanks to an oline, you can replace WRs a lot easier than people think unless maybe they are special which RA is not. The resources would be better used in FA on Oline if the opportunity is there for oline in FA. Then signing hungry wrs to fight it out as they need to get the oline totally reworked this year. They can't move forward with a half decent line and continue to get Sam slammed before the pattern develops while he sees ghosts.
  9. Good for the Cowboys. Is there a more talented team with poor coaching?

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