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    Pimping and cold pimping.

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    I pimp
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    The pimp tree
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    The hairy buck tooth one
  1. Next Mafia Sign Up

    I really don't know much about this mafia game. All I know is sweet hairy monkey poosay, pimpin and had a cousin hooked on crack once.
  2. Next Mafia Sign Up

    Makes sense. Not like you spending money on sweet monkey poosay.
  3. Next Mafia Sign Up

    Why don't you Mod a game you fat numbskull?
  4. Cops Mafia

    You too busy thinking about sexy monkey poo say? yeah me too.
  5. Cops Mafia

    Well yeah, if you killin it! You need more furry sexy monkey poo-say? I put couple aside foe 80 and well you know.. they still uh, err like new. Holla at you boy.
  6. Cops Mafia

    Yo... sup man? Sorry I been absent. You know dese ho's ain't gonna pimp demselves. Crazy sh*t happen to me at the gym the other day. I was getting ready to do some deadlifts and monkey bar work. This doughy Mexican dude walked up to me and challenged me to an elliptical trainer race. Back in the day I used to go to the Sheraton with momma chimp pimp and did the elliptical while she took the Pilates and water aerobics. So yes , I got the skills. I accept the challenge and of course I win. Then he starts spouting off out how he would have won if these elliptical trainers were calibrated as well as his home stereo system and TV. My chimp brain be thinking," who the **** calibrated..... " meh, sh*t almost ridiculous as that dudes outfit. Heres the dude I raced. Anybody know him? I decided to celebrate my victory with some of the ladies I met at the "pimp across America " extravaganza in Jacksonville I attended.
  7. Cops Mafia

    Oh my God. I already apologized for that. You said you were hungry. I sent you three nice hairy monkey poo-say. I didn't think you actually meant food. Im Chimp the pimp, not Chimp the guy that feeds fat ****s. I got a couple a couple banana cream pies back at the crib. I give you those then you forgive me?
  8. Cops Mafia

    That's because he is fat. Fatties sweat and sweat is salty. My friend Shamu sweats so much the fat bitch made the entire ocean salty.
  9. Cops Mafia

    Yo Im starting up a website for my hot furry sexy monkey poo-say. I heard you gots some experience with posting sexy ladies. If you help me I can pay you in hot monkey....uh,,er damn. never mind. Word For sale and tick free My bad. Just had my summer ultra sexy hairy monkey poo-say spectacular (buy two get three) and let's just say it will be a awhile before we see CTM again. He is a big fan.
  10. Cops Mafia

    Haha. You funny my brother. Crusher's a blimp not a pimp.
  11. BSG: Frak one, marry one, kill one...

    Her boney a$$ would fall through. I'm made for big un's
  12. The Who kicks serious a$$!

    What's that about a$$?
  13. BuzzKill Alert: Pot Shrinks Parts Of Brain

    Pot also gives you the munchies. If crusher smoked it, I'd be working around the clock
  14. Private Tour of Jets facility

    How were the bathrooms? Were they looking for any help? I have a lot of experiance.
  15. Grocery shoppng

    Omg, please one of the smaller ones.