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  1. Just remember to Rock out with your Cock out!
  2. Sup Spoot? Holla at your boy, just got back from Ukraine and got some “ Ho’s just dying to meet you!”
  3. Sorry to hear that homeboy. You need me to take over? Chimp is here for you.
  4. Holy sh*t!! You pussies won’t lynch that fat bastard for nothing! I’m never playing here again!
  5. @Pac not going to be able to play. Sorry
  6. I was hoping for Capture the Flag two, but this will do.
  7. How the hell did that virgin prick win by himself? What happen to the rest of us? You did great dude!
  8. Waiting for Nolder to wake up and small the coffee.
  9. For now, I’m investing heavily in hand sanitizer and surgical mask. They literally removed Surgical mask from the doors of the hospitals here when people walk in to behind the nurses station so you have to ask for them. People were walking in and lifting them. Funny thing, those things are for the people who come in with flu to keep them from spreading f it by coughing , not really going to stop anything. It’s a mad mad World.
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