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  1. 50 minutes ago, JiF said:

    Sorry my dudes My wife’s Grandma passed and been a bit preoccupied this morning.  Have a chance to catch up but I won’t be around much the 24 hours.  I will try to keep up via phone which I hate so figure me if I’m not up on vote counts and my scenes suck.  

    Hold tight!!!

    Sorry to hear that homeboy. You need me to take over? Chimp is here for you. 

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  2. On 2/28/2020 at 1:22 PM, CTM said:

    I'm hoping the virus shows seasonality like the flu. better than 50% chance based on what I'm seeing. By next year we'll have a better handle on vaccines We're only a decade or so away from not having to concern ourselves about such things. 

    For now, I’m investing heavily in hand sanitizer and surgical mask. They literally removed Surgical mask from the doors of the hospitals here when people walk in to behind the nurses station so you have to ask for them. People were walking in and lifting them. Funny thing, those things are for the  people who come in with flu to keep them from spreading f it by coughing , not really going to stop anything. It’s a mad mad World. 

  3. 10 hours ago, New York Mick said:

    Bridgewater is the best FA QB out there and the Jets should of kept him and used the draft picks they gave away to get Sam. 

    They could of had

    QB - Bridgewater (2018)

    OG - Nelson (2018 1st)

    WR - Sutton (2018 2nd)

    RT - Smith (2018 2nd)

    C - McCoy (2019 2nd)




    Fine scenario but you do realize who was making the picks then? 

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