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  1. Try these links, Knowing how to play is not necessary to play, most learn on the fly. This game is basic as f*ck so its a good one to start with.
  2. This is a very basic as f*ck game. Please join us if you like. If not, it was nice to meet you.
  3. AS far as i know both his hands are already playing and his wife doesn't mafia, yet.
  4. Cuz!!! I don't know. I think 80 wants to celebrate himself finally losing his virginity. he told me he got IN!
  5. Really? Congratulations brother!! Welcome to the sexy pussssay club!!! I knew you could do it!
  6. He's going to co mod and help with vote counts. I pimp as much as that Nolder thing sleeps so Im going to need help. I also reached out to @Pac to help with the set up.
  7. Hello Kitty kitty. You like Chimps? Im so excited with all the sexiness signing up for my game. Welcome.
  8. Talk to the Obese Overload about that. Are you looking to play this mafia?
  9. Hello Bunny. Will be my absolute pleasure to have you enjoy my mafia.
  10. Man, I love beaver. Thank you and your application has been accepted.
  11. Yo!! You boy Chimp Pimp is back because mafia at JN been wackity wack! Fools be trying to over complicate teh goodness that is the mafia. I’m taking this bitch back old school with some ever so basic and sexually pervasive mafia. Before you worry Crusher said I can run a game as long as I don’t have any naked lady part pictures. I’m going to need at least 3 players but prefer 12. 1. Filthy Beaver 2. Naughty Bunny 3. Dirty Hippie 4. Kitty kitty kitty 5. Pimp, formerly know as virgin 80! 6. Oral 7. Stark Naked 8. Nolderlepsy (limited participation) 9. Pecker whacker fan 10. Fat lover in Florida 11. Krak pipe 12. @Pac is not co-modding. @The Crusher is doing vote counts and banning anybody who not respect teh game.
  12. Hello tubby checker. I'm back. I got a nice mafia game cued up and ready to go when people are ready. "Sex, lies and butt tonguing mafia"
  13. I love the post coital popcorn shrimps!
  14. It’s funny cause he’s fat. Happiness is an open beaver
  15. Damn that’s frosty. I got this Ho’s go to Community college slumber party spectacular game cued up.
  16. The monkey is sweet as ever “J-thrill JiF”
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