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  1. I’ve got JiF and Ape as time on town on time violence., Not a new dance, JoF gets very upset when he’s town and nobody listens to him. As scum he shows his ass pretty early. Both he and Ape had some very insightful and thoughtful post early that made me feel they are town. Before they started slap fighting like a couple bitches
  2. Not sure the good guys ever have a chance in a game you mod. Haha
  3. His haunted house descent into hell game were he gave links back to the game as the Dead thread was top5 for sure.
  4. My #1 is Nolder, nobody seems to care he’s just hanging around making double post to look active. Nobody seems to care he basically said his new strategy is not to scum hunt and give reads. I’m not voting JiF because I’ve seen this enough times with him and Ape or him and Smash or him and Pac to know it’s less about his alignment and more about him probably menstruating. You are a new direction and new directions give new info. Yes. I’m all about any opportunity that gives new info. A new Ho is a good Ho I always say.
  5. Since nobody wants to join me on Nolder. I’m down. unvote vote Ballin
  6. By the way, this is the lucid play we get from Hess in between Manic is episodes. Either that or he got his meds right today. Either way town lean on him for me.
  7. Either that or his scum hunting has advanced to Such a level he just caught himself?
  8. Aren’t you a fussy pussy this fine morning?
  9. I’ll take five cases of that brand of condoms please Cuz.
  10. Your South Beach fitness plan is the best I’ve ever seen.
  11. Game doesn’t get good until people get emo.
  12. I’m pretty sure that’s Hess’ favorite form of meditation.
  13. Finally, someone’s paying attention. The insane guy, but it’s a start/.
  14. You too are parroting each other. Like two ho's fighting over a wealthy John. Bout ready pimp slap you both.
  15. We are in the back and forth part of the day. Once a deadline is imposed then consolidation is more likely. Ive read 90% of the games these two have played/ This very likely can be town on town violence. Way I'm currently leaning.
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