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  1. He and Kdel have both moved to neutral to maybe town for me. Both putting work on in, seems awkwardly genuine. Nolder is worrying me, any thoughts?
  2. Say what you want about our front office, least we aren't getting these sorta tweet things.
  3. Hess is an insane person, you seem to be neutral to town lean to me. What do you think of Nolder?
  4. This collection of posts makes me put Ape and JiF in the same category. They both seem to be playing honestly and transparently. Couple odd questionable post for each but they both seem to be trying to solve the game as a whole and not chasing a specific agenda. I don;t like the JiF train at all. I'm still looking at KDRL, but saw this as I did it and wanted to bring it up.
  5. Crusher and I went to the same summer camp. Called "chimps and blimps." Back then we would rub food on the other children to get Crusher to play. It worked well, until he ate that one kid.
  6. A very necessary yet somewhat uncomfortable conversation J80 had with his wife on his wedding night.
  7. JC is a less polished modestly more sane version of Hess. Yes, his technique is more gatherer than hunter. It takes a couple days but when he is town he will become more coherent and eventually give solid content. As scum he becomes more incoherent and will become a distraction and usually gets lynched. I’ve read 90% of the games he played.
  8. As good as any. I have him more neutral but you do you. As you do.
  9. Huh, taking a swipe at the Ape? Damn son! Well I gotta her back to work.
  10. As many as you like if your a fan of Kraft Cheese. Running the Bob Kraft hand jive special rest of month.
  11. JVOR is one of the better players who played here a lot. Married to in my opinion one of the best players here. I would think he’d keep his coaching to their pm, but it’s a good pick up nonetheless. I need to take some time to look somethings over. I’ve been in and out of the thread as of late. Tax returns causes a boom in the pimp industry.
  12. It’s awesome. Now we just have to find them and get the free beer.
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