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  1. Damn hippies and Apes working together to make it a better game. This sh*t is beautiful!
  2. My cuz wants me to Stop spamming and start contributing to the game. If I got to pick between 80 and Stark I’ll take 80. Dont like kdrls at all, not crazy about jvill.
  3. Nope, I do too but he probably ain’t makinc it to lynch today.
  4. Not helping Beaver. It’s too close to deadline Spit on it a little and then vote one of the top three trains unvote vote 80
  5. Honestly that’s were evolution seems to be heading. I’m cool with it. After all, that’s how I got to be the chimp pimp.
  6. So you get a hard for fat asses and 40 year old virgins? I like jvill and kdrls. 80 hasn’t hit any of his hard scum tells but Day 1 he seems to pop up. Can’t always be coincidence if we lynch Kdrls we should thank him for his camp reports first .
  7. Uhhhh? Who you trying to convince? Us or yourself?
  8. That Fleshy fatass Crusher needs to check IP address. Pretty sure Lizzy has commandeered it.
  9. Nolder got the Corona virus . The one that comes in bottles.
  10. You would know after hiding out from the sweet p for 4 decades.
  11. I had a narcoleptic ho once. Sweet dreams and creams that one.
  12. That’s a pretty strong slap in the face of the primate community. Where is that fat poop stain Crusher when you need him?
  13. I’ve modded two games here and about 9 on chimppimp4life.com. But, this is my first one here, though I have read the last dozen here. I like reading during beta testing Ho’s.
  14. Unvote vote Hess Mafia rain man, nothing to see hear Schtick needs to be pressed.
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