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  1. Every posts he makes seems to dig himself deeper.
  2. Not playing but if he was I’d have a town vibe.
  3. Give him a break. He’s adjusting to being the second best beaver playing mafia.
  4. Wow, this dude speaks the truth till it hurts. I like it!
  5. Nothing I have is short, my pimp game is long and deep. I like Jif and Nyn for town. Jvill is new to the game but he’s my best for bad right now. Working on two others., need to read.
  6. This sounds like Lost In Space town Stark. He was a little snarky earlier but don't find that alignment indicative. He's just kinda bad at this.
  7. Anything for you. I actually find Parrots hot. "Say my name , say my name."
  8. Getting my pimp on. Trying to avoid that fat bitch @The Crusher. @CTM Is my homehippie, wouldn’t let Crushmu play so I can. Naughty Nyn was here last night. She’s my new veterinarian in my PPO.
  9. They are when they don’t ****ed till they are forty! I got a family to feed.
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