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  1. Voting 80 because middled aged virgins are bad for business.
  2. Possibly but he’s also not very good at this so it’s very easy to mistaken his suck for scum.
  3. Most my hos like that too. I also agree, his efforts seem genuinely aimed at solving the game as he learns to play.
  4. I must have missed that game. He’s modded some great games but never seen him play well at all Ever. Never. You on the other hand top three player but a little bit before your time with your modding style. 1. SHARROW 2. DANX 3. JIF
  5. Sounds like a good thing to me. Hello Naughty Nyn.
  6. My votes on 80 but I never come off the Beaver.
  7. Are you really talking about yourself in the third person?
  8. Not even funny, I was diagnosed with Cromartie syndrome
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