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  1. That @Pac Dude just scared away the Latino chick from the west coast already. I guess we are right on schedule.
  2. His flatulence caused global warming so we all gotta do our part I guess.
  3. Take that fat Lima bean guzzling cumquat @The Crusherwith you.
  4. Nothing to be ashamed of cuz. It only proves your human. Wait what? Now I’m all fcked up too.
  5. I’m the pimp chimp. I’m pro ho and blessed with mad flo.
  6. Isn’t that what that dude @pac actually does?
  7. Posting pictures of semi dressed woman on a football message board kinda robs you of any credibility in this matter . Ya dig?
  8. I rock to the beat of still looking for me. And you could take it to the bank and deposit that. Put your two cents in and get a dollar back .
  9. Just hanging out looking for Ho's. So far found two Beavers. Not bad for my first game.
  10. Never proven. Unlike your obesity and inability to stop eating without being tranquilized.
  11. That's Dr. Gansta to you fool. She's a veterinarian. Specializes in chimp pimps.
  12. Well I'm ready for my in the field check up when you are. You can use me as a practical exam.
  13. Wow this place has Beaver for days!!! Pimping and dreaming,
  14. Hate the game not the player thickness. Don’t be mad because CTM likes me more.
  15. Still no game pm? Knew it was a bad idea to let that big fat hay eating moo cow Crushblubber to cow-mod. “Come on two tons of vegan fun, let the hippie and hotty Gata-Bot get this game rolling.” It’s my first game and I’m ready to take my place in mafia history!
  16. yo, three of us should get together sometime.
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