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  1. official BAFM vote count

     CTM- gata, (1)

    80- stark, CTM (2)

     Stark- spoot (1)

    Verbal- Nyn (1)

     nyn- Nolder, Decker (2)

    lizzie- Verb, 80 (2)

    Twelve alive and seven to lynch. Deadlines are for cowards.

  2. official BAFM vote count

     CTM- gata, (1)

    80- stark, (1)

    jiF-CTM (1)

     Stark- spoot (1)

    Verbal- Nyn (1)

     nyn- Nolder, Decker (2)

    lizzie- Verb, 80 (2)

    Twelve alive and seven to lynch. Deadlines are for cowards.

  3. 4 minutes ago, Lizard King said:


    On one hand, I have limited time; on the other, nobody here except Crusher can produce an original though which guarantees I’ll die in 24 real hours. So sure but I’m starting from here and not reading back 

    NOTE: Lizzie has decided to replace Brick and enjoy this Chimps Basic as F*ck mafia. Thank you Lizzie!!  I will get you what you need in a minute or two. Thank you and good luck.

  4. 55 minutes ago, BrickTamland said:

    I didn’t mean to sign up for this game. Please replace me. I will not be valuable.

    No problem dude. My bad.


    NOTE: I need a replacement player for this spot. If you guys got anyone interested in playing this Chimp's basic as f*ck mafia, please let them know. Thank you.

  5. Welcome to this Chimps Basic as F*ck mafia. Now don;t be confused, this isn't necessarily a basic game just Basic as F*ck Mafia.  No weird game mechanics and nothing to take away from teh goodness that is mafia. We got roles and stuff but nothing you haven't seen before. This is a vote kill a motherf*cker till they  is dead game. No hybrid nothing. Just vote people to death please. Im not setting any deadlines until you guys let me down. Im hoping you guys just vote the piss outta everyone, get your majority and then death!!!



    You all know how to play maifa so just play this Chimps mafia. All normal rules apply (like unvote to change your vote) and if you break these rules I will mod kill you and then Crusher will give you a month off the board as a reminder to NOT **** WITH THE CHIMP PIMP! Ya'll dig?  Crusher will be my bitch and do vote counts.

    Pm's are out and here are the players.

    1. Spoot- scum watcher, lynched day 4.0

    2. NYN- Town cop, shot N1

    3. CTM

    4. Nolder (replaced Gata)-

    5. J80

    6.Verbal-Vanilla Town, decapitated N1

    7. Stark- Lynched D2, Scum GF

    8. Nolder- lynch D1, Vanilla Town. 

    9. Deckerfan-Vt, nk. N2

    10.  JiF

    11. Krak- scum lynched day 3

    12. Lizzie-


    GAME ON..... With twelve player it takes seven to lynch.

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