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  1. Look, don't get me wrong... If I was black, and I couldn't run fast or throw a ball through a hoop, I'd riot like a muther****er.
  2. Top five fantasy quarterbacks? I'm thinking you've already cum five times by now and you're probably taking a nap.
  3. I think when you say "general public" you actually mean "black people". It's OK, you can say it.
  4. I would have figured with the tin foil hat and all you would have gotten pretty much everything. No?
  5. Wow, we really need a new bit here. This one has clearly run it's course.
  6. One minute and 37 seconds of my life that I'll never get back.
  7. There is some good news... I just turned on the TV and there is a CNBC "Special" on called ..."Markets in Turmoil!". They happened to be going into a commercial break as I tuned in. I didn't bother to watch the commercial. I always buy when CNBC has a "Markets in Turmoil" special. I sell when they have a "Markets Skyrocketing" special. Oh...wait...they never have those. Those don't sell commercials.
  8. You guys need to start a seperate healthcare thread. You're conversation has nothing to do with the topic. And, yes. Before you even waste finger energy, yes...I worked on Wall Street for nearly 20 years, and I worked as a consultant for CMS for 5 years. LOL...I actually doubt there is anyone else in the world who can say that.
  9. There have been no fewer than six "experts" on CNBC in the last hour basically saying the same thing... "There are lots of bargains out there, but I'm not buying just yet." In six months, if the market is higher, they'll be saying "I told you six months ago there were lots of bargains out there." If it's lower, they'll be saying "I told you six months ago I wasn't buying just yet." I'll go on record. There are lots of bargains out there. Buy now.
  10. What happened? Someone lose a soccer game?
  11. Wait...I thought I was on your ignore list.
  12. I think we're right about there. But, that said, nice bottoms are much easier to spot on women than they are on stock charts. I took a 25% position on Friday, doubled down today to a 50% position, and have 50% dry powder in case they take it down further as the week progresses (i.e. VIX goes above 50). We're clearly into the area where emotion is ruling the day. I have NEVER NOT made money buying high-beta stocks buying when the VIX is above 30...let alone 40 or 50. This is how I feed my children, and I rarely get buying opportunities like this.
  13. LOL I think we're on the same page. Different paragraph maybe, but same page.
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