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  1. No room for Kellen if we bring Chad back like we should.
  2. Why so much hate toward Pennington. He's the best Jets QB ever. Surprised to see such reactions.
  3. What do you guys think about bringing back Chad Pennington to be a player/QB coach? That way, he can retire with the Jets. He'd be the best back up in the league. And God forbid, something happened to Mark, we'd still be SB Bowl bound. I mean, he's the greatest QB the franchise has ever had. Pennington Namath Sanchez OBrien I think this is totally something the Jets should do as a sign of respect. Thoughts?
  4. Who cares who the back up is. We've got a top 5 Qb in the league in Sanchez!!! You think the Colts or the Patriots worry about who's backing up Manning and Brady???
  5. Man, you guys are mean to JiF. No wonder he's angry Jetsfan80. I posted in the mafia thread and The Crusher told me I needed an invite and I was a faggot. I'm not going back to that forum.
  6. I'm not JiF guys, I'm BiF. I'm new here. Sorry this is creating confusion. I'm going to stick to Football posting, since thats why I know best. Every other forum I visit is creepy.
  7. Damn Holmes is dumb. He's good but he is dumb. Sign Brad Smith, let those other bozo's walk. We drafted some studs.
  8. You guys should try modeling. Good money in my profession. And dont think you cant be one because you arent beautiful. The male modeling arena needs all shapes and sizes to accommodate to all fashion designs.
  9. If JetNation had a captain of the site, T0mShane would be wearing a C in his avatar.
  10. If I had to pick, I'd take Holmes but I'd prefer Brad Smith over both.
  11. How was Mark Sanchez not on this list. He should be in the top 20 at least. Most road wins for a QB ever in the NFL during the playoffs and its only his 2nd season? He's so much better than Matt Ryan its not even funny.
  12. I think Keller is the 3rd best TE in the league behind Clark and Gates. Truth!
  13. BiF

    New here

    Sorry Mr. T, you just seem angry. Maybe its the picture. He looks angry. Ha! CMT seems like a good dude. Why is he angry?
  14. Whoa, Crusher, faggot? Really? Guess I'm not coming back to this forum again. See ya guys! If you want to talk Jets Football, check it on the main forum yo!
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