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  1. Hope you enjoyed that loss. Now go get ready for the NFL draft, because it's over for Buffalo here in 2011. Bwaahhaha.
  2. I felt sick all game today, especially during the 4th quarter... But Sanchez really came through with the help of Holmes and especially Plaxico! It wasn't pretty, but Sanchez and the Jets came through during the clutch! Our defense just about gave me a heart attack during the last drive, but damn does it feel good to win. Our season lives on, to Washington we go!!!!
  3. 3 and out was a must. And that's what we did. Now don't rough the kicker or get a penalty!
  4. 3 and out is a must. Sack! 2 down, 1 more down to go.
  5. Our defense needs to force a 3 and out here. Give us good field position and time on the clock for a late 4th quarter drive. Can't allow a 1st down here. 3 and out is a MUST.
  6. Got destroyed by the Patriots. Lost to an awful Broncos team. Struggling at home against a struggling/injured Bills team... Ugh.
  7. Worst post in the history of JetNation. Revis is the greatest CB in the game today, by far. Funny how fans such as yourself, throw him under the best because of a tough 1st half against a very good WR. How quickly some of these so called fans forget how great Revis has been since day #1 of being drafted by the Jets.
  8. Cro just allowed a TD, but Revis has got dominated by Johnson today. No mention of that.
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