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  1. above average CB who thinks he's Sanders part 2


    Worst post in the history of JetNation.

    Revis is the greatest CB in the game today, by far. Funny how fans such as yourself, throw him under the best because of a tough 1st half against a very good WR. How quickly some of these so called fans forget how great Revis has been since day #1 of being drafted by the Jets.

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  2. Can't wait for the Knicks to take the court this season. Watching the Melo and Amare show from game #1 should be something very exciting to watch. This Knicks team is being led by two superstars; I'm amped. The development of both Fields and Douglas is what I'm most looking forward too. These young guards gained plenty of much needed experience last season. Iman Shumpert is another young, exciting guard we drafted during the offseason. This kid has star potential/ability. I just can't wait to see us compete with the Heat, Bulls, Celtics, Magic and Hawks this season. We should land a top 3 seed of the Eastern Conference with home court advantage during the 1st round.

    Hopefully we sign Samuel Dalembert as our Center. Rumor has it, that he's #1 on our free agent radar (as of right now). Landing Dalembert would become huge for both our interior defense and rebounding ability. We've lacked both for some time now. As we all know, Amare has always been below average on the defensive side of the ball, but landing a true defensive center such as Dalembert would take alot of low post pressure off of Amare himself.

    Also, not trying to get ahead of myself here, but to all the people who've doubted NY's game plan to land a Big 3 of Amare, Carmelo and another max contract such as Howard or CP3; There's good news! The Knicks are projected to have the MOST cap room in 2012 of any team, and right around 20 mil! Combine that with what is most certainly going to be a lower max contract and we will have room to sign a max and possibly a solid role player.

    This will undoubtedly lead to a mid season trade for either CP3 or D12 as the Magic and NO won't want to lose their stars for nothing. Give us Dwight Howard, the most dominating Center in the game today, and I'll be on cloud 9.

  3. The most important game is our Jets vs Bills matchup. Lose against the Bills, and the playoff picture won't matter, because a loss against the Bills all but eliminates our playoff hopes at 5-6 overall.

    Take care of the Bills is all that matters as of right now.

  4. The last time the Jets made the AFC Championship game, was back in 1998; under Bill Parcells.

    You all do not only know, but also understand, that Rex Ryan has led the Jets to consecutive AFC Championship games (for the first time in franchise history) during his first two years as head coach... Correct?

    He's also done it with a rookie/2nd year quarterback under center in Mark Sanchez; which makes those AFC Championship apperances that much more impressive. How many coaches has ever led their respected teams to consecutive championship games with a rookie/2nd year quarterback under center?

    Lets not forget the fact that we also had the leagues #1 defense in 2009, and also ranked as a top 5 defensive unit under Rex Ryan last season. When was the last time a Jets head coach, has led the Jets with consecutive seasons of top 5 D's?

    The Jets have eliminated Palmer and the Bengals in Cincy, Rivers and the Chargers in SD, Manning and the Colts in Indy and last but not least; Brady, Bellichick and the Patriots in Foxboro come postseason play under Rex Ryan, but yet, some fans are already talking about a Rex Ryan replacement, when we're not even 11 games into 2011?

    Too funny.

  5. Slauson is 100% correct. The league has to do something in regards to this piece of sh*t. It's to the point where fines are no longer enough, and if suspensions/anger management help doesn't work... He'll have to become banned from the league. I'm not sure I've ever seen a defensive lineman as dirty/rotten/unprofessional as Suh. I certainly can't remember the last time I've seen a defensive lineman as cruel as this guy. If you watch the video over and over again, you'll see that the kick may have looked bad, but the grabbing of the helmet, and the repeated banging of that guy's head against the ground was much worse. If people weren't around to get him off that man, he would have continued to bang his head into the ground, which could have caused bleeding of the brain. With all the recent NFL talk and well know dangers of concussions, the banging the head of another person against the ground is wrong on so many levels. Because of that incident alone, he needs to be suspended for at least 4 games.

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