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  1. Joe Maddon also got AL Manager of the year, and rightfully so.






    With Niemann moving into the bullpen will make for the best starting 5 in all of baseball next season. Can't wait to see Hellickson during year #2, as well as Moore, who could become the AL rookie of the year with the type of stuff he has. He's scary good. Price had a down year, but if Price can return to form? We'll win the AL East.

  2. Changed the culture. Yes. Yes. Sure. Yes. Like Herm changed the culture and Mangini changed the culture. Yes yes.

    How many times did Edwards or Mangini lead the Jets to consecutive AFC Championship games with top 5 D's during both seasons? Ryan has done it during his first two seasons, with a rookie/sophmore quarterback; and the book has yet to be written on 2011's season.

    How quickly some of these fans forget.

  3. We are an injury ridden train-wreck. Our best offenseive linemen, best CB, best player and RB, are all on IR. Johnson is banged up. Our defense has been horrible to begin with.

    This is going to be ugly at this point.

    Fred Jackson has been placed on IR? Oh well.

    You forgot to mention your best defensive lineman, Kyle Williams; also on IR. You also forgot to mention your #2 WR in Jones, who I believe; is also out for the season.

    If anyone doesn't understand why the Jets are 9 point favorites... Just look at what we've done against the Bills during 4 consecutive games against Buffalo; We've physically destroyed them, and that won't change this Sunday either.

  4. I'll never become the type of person to actually root for a player to get hurt, but once hurt? I'm not the type of fan that wishes a speedy recovery. Hopefully Matt Light is out for the season, if not longer. The Patriots were up 24 points, with under 6 minutes to go during the 4th quarter, and Brady is dropping back to throw the damn football? Well, now Light has left the field with a looks to be knee injury. Good. Hopefully he's out for the season; serves them right.

  5. I wouldn't consider Wayne Hunter as being one of the worst offensive lineman I've ever seen, because he's not even close to being as bad as Adrian Jones, Anthony Clement, Will Montgomery etc types of awful Jet offensive lineman that I've seen over the years. With all that said, it's became more than obvious this year, that he's not an NFL starting caliber Right Tackle during I believe his 7th or 8th year in the league. He's nothing more than a career backup, if that, or maybe just a solid swingman type of O-Lineman from time to time, but it's just sad that A.) Vlad has been just as awful and B.) He's our starter.

  6. Depending on how the team feels about their ability to win in the next 2-3 years, it's actually not a terrible idea.

    How much longer do you suppose Revis has the impact he currently does? We've also seen that teams can scheme around him and still beat us.

    If you believe that with Sanchez, this team won't win, then the window of winning with Revis will probably close. It would also free up a ton of money to make the team better as a whole.

    Wont happen, but not as crazy as you make it sound.

    Dude, get out of here.

    Not only is Revis the most talented Jet this franchise has ever seen, but he's one of the GREATEST shut down corner backs of all-time, and also has the ability to go down as the greatest CB that ever lived to play the game. He's only 26 years of age, but yet, you're talking about trading a phenom corner in Revis... For a college prospect at the quarterback position? A quarterback in Luck who's unproven once he gets drafted at that.

    Yeah, right, trade the greatest Jet in franchise history; for Andrew Luck. Get out of here with that crap. Thank god you have no control over the Jets front office. Wake me up when Luck wins a National Championship before considering him the next coming of God himself. The NFL has became a passing league over the years, and you're talking about getting rid of one of the greatest CB's of all-time? Yeah, like that wouldn't set our defense back for many of years to come.


  7. Yup, that's until he ran into a good defense, which is when he'd sh*t the bed; as always.

    Pennington was a limited quarterback due to injuries, and because of those injuries... He sucked.

    Sanchez has been to two AFC Championship Games during his first two years in the league, while also playing lights out come postseason play. He's only 10 games into his 3rd season. How many times did Pennington make it as far as the Championship game? How many years has he been in the league? Exactly.

    "Some fans".

  8. With as many AFC Conference loses as we have... Unless the Jets go 11-5, no chance at the playoffs. Even if we win out and go 11-5, with our sh*tty AFC conference record, it'll be hard to land a 6th seed. Lose one more game, and it's night-night time on 2011.

  9. Ok, I'm not quitting on this team, but I had to vent last night. I'll still take it one game at a time, and pray for an 11-5 record after 6 consecutive wins, but I'm not even sure 11-5 gets us in with our horrible conference record. I'm not sure we'll make the postseason this year, but I'll root my a$$ off against the Bills as if it's a playoff game. But honestly, after losing to an awful Broncos team, with a horrible quarterback in Tebow, I'm not expecting to win another game this season; I'll just stay hopefull for one. To make a long story short, I've been heartbroken time and time again by this Jets franchise. From 1-15 in 1996. It was horrible. Going 9-7 back in 97 and missing the playoffs by I believe 1 game. 3 AFC Championship loses against the Broncos of 98, the Colts of 09 and Steelers of last year. All of those AFC Championship games took alot out of me as a fan. And I can't forget the bad years under Herm and Mangini either, where I just knew the Jets had no chance of beating good teams come playoff time. It's hard being a Jets fan, especially during a time like this with a 5-5 record, during a year where we shouldn't have lost 5 games all season long. It'll be a miracle if this Jets team makes the playoffs.

  10. I'm done caring about, and spending so much time, wishing a bunch of Millionaire athletes would win for the Jets.

    I'm 26 years old, been heartbroken time and time again, since the age of 10-11... I'm through with it.

    Good luck to the fans that still have hope; I've lost my hope. Not sure I'll ever watch another sports game.

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