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  1. Yes! This McKnight kid, if he can work on fumbles, can become something special.
  2. I've hated McKnight's fumbles over the past two weeks, but I love this kids talents...
  3. You may be right OP, but not with Brunell as our backup. As bad as Sanchez can be at times, he still gives us the best chance to win ball games, make the playoffs, as well as advancing during the playoffs. Bench Sanchez now, or watch him get hurt for 2-4 games... And there goes the season.
  4. It was a late hit, roughing the quarterback, leading with the helmet, driving the quarterback into the ground and all of the above. Still no flag. But yet, the NFL has made rules to protect the quarterback? Pathetic.
  5. All we can ask for is a win right about now. It's already been ugly, now it's just time to escape Denver with a win. No one remembers who the Packers beat during week 11 last year.
  6. That was all on Sanchez. Can't blame the OC for calling a pass play on 3rd down. All on Sanchez right there.
  7. 3 and out for Denver. Thankfully, Shotty didn't have Sanchez dropping back to pass 2 or 3 times during our last drive. The score could be 10-5 right now, or maybe even worse. Now? This drive? Starting past the 20. Good results.
  8. With the way our offensive line has played in pass protection (not so good), combined with the fact how stout we've been on defense tonight? Shotty Jr did the right thing by going with two runs there. The risk of a safety, INT, sack or holding call in the end zone just wasn't worth it. This isn't Madden.
  9. What is Eric Smith doing? Damn, I miss Kerry Rhodes. No way Decker ever gets behind Rhodes. Lucky it's not 10-10.
  10. Opening drive TD starting off the 2nd half. Anyone who doesn't understand the Jets have been a 2nd half football team under Sanchez, dating back to 2009, must not know too much about Jets football.
  11. I agree. I hate everything about Powell. During the preseason, he made some nice runs off of passes, but his average yards per carry was dreadful awful. I just don't like the pick. McKnight on the other hand? Speed burst!
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