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  1. Exactly. Sanchez has been on fire tonight in regards to his accuracy despite the fact that he sailed the ball on Keller in the end zone. Great bounce back performance from Sanchez thus far; this kid's a winner.
  2. 10-3 Jets. TD on the first drive of the 2nd half. The Jets are a 2nd half football team, we've been so since 2009 under Sanchez. The sooner some of you understand this; the better you'll feel moving forward. 10-3 during the 2nd half? On the road? With only 3 days to prepare/rest? Sign me up.
  3. Exactly. You know the fan base is confused when an OC gets blamed for a WR dropping a perfect pass and great call.
  4. Yup. Guess you missed our defensive stand. Jets ball. We really "blow".
  5. That miss, and this field position is all on Rex Ryan. Instead of trying a 52 yard FG try... How about you punt, back them up deep, or even try and pick up 3 yards on 4th down? Horrible call Rex.
  6. Sanchez with a perfect pass on a quick slant. Holmes with the drop. Completion % never tells the whole story. WR's have dropped passes left and right on Sanchez this season.
  7. Same here. He'll become our feature back in no time, with Greene as our cleanup power back.
  8. A player getting hurt doesn't make the team "a joke". Ugh, this 24/7 negativity is trash.
  9. Greene could be DONE for the ******* season. This injury looks serious. Well, all you Shonn Greene critics just got your way. Enjoy now.
  10. If the Jets make you soooo Unhappy DJL... Then why bother wasting your time watching the team play, if you "already know" the outcome? It's a 3-0 game. Grow up; that's football.
  11. This is the best I could find for you OP. You really need to switch to the NFL Sunday ticket though man, it's worth every dollar. http://www.firstrowsports.tv/watch/49037/1/watch-nfl-network.html
  12. Our pass protection has been awful dating back to Sunday. Sure, blame Sanchez and Shotty, when in reality... Bill Callahan deserves the blame for not FIXING it.
  13. Great run stuffing defense on 4th and inches, inside the red zone!
  14. Great run stuffing defense on 4th and inches, inside the red zone!
  15. It was a great throw and catch... And you all are bashing Cromartie? Funny.
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