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  1. geeez.does it ever stop

    Learn how to spell the players names, you watch them every Sunday, not that hard. You think a Bulls fan would take someone seriously when saying "Jordin", when it's Jordan? End of rant.

  2. gronk is a complete monster living in a humans body.imo,i dont think revis can cover him.lets not call smith a bum because he cant cover gronk.you last statement is the real problem.leonard cant roam and cant cover.the reason you see smith get beat so much,is because leonard would get beat even more.he fell off a cliff since his injury.i would take smith over leonard every day of the week and twice on sundays.the jets need to pick up a cover safety(kerry rhoads would have worked fine with smith)and let smith play the run,roam the field,and break peoples faces.the jets need to rid themselves of ravens castaways.they started with douglas and mason.now leonard and scott need to go.they came here for a reason.now their talents(or lack thereoff) are no longer needed

    It's Leonhard... Not "Leonard". And it's Rhodes... Not "Rhoads".

  3. C'mon jerk-off's - if you don't bury these knuckleheads we will be the laughingstocks of the new millenium

    Bury them? Be happy with a win.

    We've only had 3 days rest, just about no time to prepare for this Broncos team, we're without our backup RB in Tomlinson, our starting slot WR in Kerley, and our backup safety in Pool. Not only that, but we're also on the road, with a limited amount of time to adjust to the mile high atmosphere/altitude.

  4. As long as McKnight can avoid the costly fumble, or fumbles peroid, I feel he'll become a very dynamic running back. What I've seen from this kid running the football during his USC days, combined with how explosive he's been on special teams as only a second year player this season, I truly believe that McKnight can become a New York star, not only on special teams, but also on the offensive side of the ball. His quickness and speed could become something dynamic/special behind our offensive line. I love what Tomlinson did for us last season, and I've enjoyed Tomlinson as a 3rd down back this year, especially due to his pass protection ability, but when I found out LT was missing tonight's game? My first thought; was Joe McKnight. I just have a strong feeling McKnight will become that explosive/dynamic back we've dreamed of for years on end.


  5. You've shown me how the Internet works. People who don't actually experience things for themselves, feel like they are enlightened enough anyway to comment on a topic. To wit, I was actually there Sunday which you obviously were not. To say that the NFL cares a THING about the "Family Experience" on a Sunday Night 8:15 game, by scheduling division rivals, is obviously an exercise in ignorance. Why, you ask? Simply put they encourage a full day of drinking in a highly charged atmosphere, that none of the regular fans plan on being at. Well as a season ticket holder, I must say that most of my surrounding fans were new, ie they were StubHub purchasers and were incredibly intoxicated. One guy fell down two rows on one of our friends. He was removed by security, only to be let back in at the end of the quarter. The entire row above me was Patriots fans, my entire row was Jets fans. You have 3,500 posts. Should I consider you an ambassador for the Internet? Because you obviously have no fcking clue what you are talking about.

    This was entirely set up for ratings and commercial revenue. Please don't come on here and talk about the family experience. Please don't talk about running a business and talk about the family experience.

    Exactly. I laughed when I read his post. If the NFl cared about "family", they wouldn't sell beer to a bunch of crazy men. Yeah, some place for kids. It's wrong for a coach to use profanity because of "the kids", but it's not bad for the NFL to promote poison that ruins your body and mind? Funny. So, by the NFL allowing people to drink in their stadiums, with kids around... That's showing kids that drinking is o.k. Good job NFL.

  6. The real test on whether the JETS have solidified their run defense will be tonite. If they hold up to the test, stats be damned, it will send a message to the rest of the teams in the league.

    Yes, shutting down Denver's run game would prove what I've said for weeks on end now (as most Jet fans were mocking our run defense, as if we're some laughing stock run defense), that we're a much improved run defense when compared to our first 5 games of the season. More like two games I should say.

    But the fact of the matter is this, plenty of Jet fans blasted our run defense during the first 5 weeks (because of two bad games), and it's just sad that the same Jet fans, who harped all over the Jets run defense, have became the same fans who have refused to admit that we've been stout against the run over the past 4 games. If the Jets make you that unhappy, where you harp over the bad and ignore the good; then stop watching. NE rushed the football 28 times on Sunday for only 60 yards, which is only an average of 2.1 yards per carry. No mention of that. No love for an improving run defense that's played lights out during our 3-1 record over the past 4 games. It's just funny watching Jet fans attack our run defense because of 2 games, while refusing to admit that our run defense has been very strong this season (outside of two games). It's also pathetic watching Jet fans kill the Jets run defense for weeks on end, because of a bad performance against NE during week 5, but then become silent as a lamb after we just held NE to an average of only 2.1 yards per carry. Ignore em when they're good/kick em while they're down. Some fans.

    We lost the NE game on Sunday, but it wasn't because of our run defense, and it's sad watching Jet fans act as if Tim Tebow is on the verge of rushing for 120+ against our defense. Have they NOT seen our run defense perform this season?

  7. Win tonight against the Broncos, and we'll have a strong chance of improving to 7-4 overall against the Bills two Sundays from now; which would put us right back into the thick of things. 8:20 can't come soon enough, can't wait to see the Jets dominate the Broncos. I've had a strong hatred for the Broncos since they eliminated us from the AFC Championship game back in 1998. It'll become an outstanding feeling to see these Jets crush the hearts and playoff hopes of Bronco fans in Denver tonight.

  8. Rex Ryan cursed out a paying customer of the NFL in front of a lot of people including what could have been children.

    Oh stop with the children bull sh*t already. Rex told a Patriot fan to shut the **** up. Big freaking deal. Have you ever been to a football game? What parent brings a child to a football game, and doesn't expect their child to hear foul language for 4 quarters strong? If a child heard foul language at the game Sunday night, don't blame Rex himself... Blame the parents, because trust me, Jet fans curse like crazy. And who cares if Rex cursed a paying customer? The fan got what he paid for. He talked sh*t to Rex, and Rex talked sh*t right back. Who really gives a flying ****.

  9. Mcknight isnt a running back and he isnt that dynamic.

    Guess you never seen him during his USC days. To say he's not a running back just goes to show how little you know in regards to Joe McKnight. Just because both Greene and Tomlinson are above him on the depth charts, as a 2nd year player, doesn't mean he's "not a running back" despite the fact that Ryan and our coaching staff have him listed as being a running back. That's because he's a running back.

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  10. As bad as it may seem, we're the 7th seed as of right now. We're on the outside looking in, but we're only 1 game out of a postseason birth. Win our next 4 games, improve to 9-4 overall, and we'll be in strong position for a playoff spot heading into our Eagles game. You never know, we could be tied with the Patriots heading into that Eagles game, but obviously NE would hold the head to head tiebreaker. You just never know, win our next 4 games, and we'll be sitting pretty heading into week 15.

  11. jets aren't going to do anything as a wild card

    you don't win playoff games with weak links like smith, hunter, mulligan sanchez and shotty

    Says the so called fan who's seen the Jets eliminate QB's and teams such as Palmer and the Bengals, Rivers and the Chargers, Manning and the Colts and Brady and the Patriots during the playoffs, all on the road, as the wildcard team, with Eric Smith and Hunter as our safety/RT during last year's postseason; with Sanchez and Shotty Jr as our QB/OC duo dating back to 2009.

    How quickly some fans forget, all because of a loss last night.

  12. We lost to the Patriots last night; but the sky isn't falling as most Rex, Shotty Jr and Sanchez harpers like to put it, and it's most definitely not the end of the world as these love you when you're up/kick you when you're down types of Jet fans like to phrase it.

    Yes, the Jets played an awful football game last night. Folk missing a chip shot FG took away alot of potential momentum early on, our offense and Sanchez played poorly because our offensive line was drop dead horrible in pass protection, and our defense played one of it's worst games ever under Rex Ryan dating back to 2009. All of this is now a thing of the past, but it doesn't change the fact that the Jets have won 3 of 4 games. We lost an important regular season game, big deal, it happens; but now it's time to move on and focus on Denver as both a team and fan base.

    This loss against the Patriots doesn't the end of our AFC East division hopes either. With as many injuries the Patriots have on the defensive side of the ball, it's not a guarantee that NE doesn't lose a couple games against either the Chiefs, Eagles, Colts, Redskins, Broncos, Dolphins or Bills.

    The Denver Broncos are up next. We'll go on a strong playoff push from here on out. When the Jets were on a 3 game losing streak, while losing to the Raiders, Ravens and Patriots, we physically destroyed the awful Miami Dolphins. That's what's going to happen against an awful 4-5 Denver Broncos team. I understand the Broncos have won 3 of 4 games under Tim Tebow, while beating teams such as the Dolphins, Raiders and Chiefs while doing so, but our defense under Rex Ryan himself will become focused for this Thursday night matchup, and I'm sorry, but Tim Tewbow stands no chance against A.) Our front 7, B.) Our secondary and C.) Our defense. I'm not willing to quit on a coach, and a defense that's led us to consecutive AFC Championship games with a #1 ranked defense back in 2009, and a top 5 defense last season, all because of a bad performance last night. We'll beat the Broncos by 17+. 6-4 is the goal.

    After we improve to 6-4 against the Broncos, we'll have an extra couple days of rest before we destroy the Buffalo Bills at home in JetLifeStadium. We've gone 4-1 against the Bills under Rex Ryan dating back to 2009, and we've also outscored Buffalo by the score of 135-61. That result won't change two Sundays from now either, once we get them inside of our stadium. 7-4 is the goal.

    Then we'll play the currently 3-6 Redskins in Washington, a Redskins team who's lost 5 games in a row. They even lost to the Dolphins on Sunday. 8-4 here we come.

    Then we get the currently 4-5 Chiefs who've lost two in a row against the Dolphins and Broncos. We also get them at home inside of JetLifeStadium. 9-4 here we come.

    This is when we'll head into week 15 with a 9-4 record before facing the Eagles in Philly, followed by the Giants at home. This could become two very tough games, but if we can head into week 15 with a 9-4 record... We'll at least have a chance to tie a franchise record, set back in 1998 by Vinny, Parcells and the Jets, with a 12-4 record with wins over the Eagles, Giants and Dolphins.

    I understand I'm getting ahead of myself, but I'm very confident that we'll head into the Eagles matchup at 9-4 overall. One game at a time though, the Broncos are next.

  13. This isn't the end of the world, we'll call up Powell and Joe McKnight will finally have his chance to shine. As long as McKnight can hold onto the football, and avoid costly fumbles such as last night (which was more like a muff), he could become something special coming out of the backfield. In regards to Tomlinson, this could become a blessing in disguise. Tomlinson is an aging back, and his body could need the rest. If he's able to rest for a good 4-6 weeks, we could see a well rested and explosive LT come postseason play.

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