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  1. I love that you only run your mouth and quote my posts AFTER games are played and you don't say anything until afterwards.

    Wrong. I've been telling you for weeks on end now, how bad the Bills suck.

    You still wanna talk about how good the Bills are? What happened to that 3-0 record? Bwahahah.

    Enjoy fighting with the Dolphins for last place of the AFC East.

  2. One thing i liked about earlier games was Miami further reducing their chances of winning the Suck for Luck sweepstakes.

    The Cowboys beating the Bills was also an outstanding result. And Seattle being up on Baltimore by 15 here in the 3rd quarter is exciting.

  3. Seattle just recovered a fumbled kick return on the 18... They are already beating Baltimore by 9...

    Seattle up 12 heading into the half. I'll tell you what, if Seattle can just score 7 points during the 2nd half, the Ravens may be done. I can't picture the Ravens offense scoring at least 20 points during the 2nd half.

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