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  1. Sorry about the confusion, I had no idea in regards to the superstition/tradition of this fan base. I can assure you all that it won't happen again, but as the old football saying goes... "it's better to make mistakes during the preseason instead of the regular season".

    I just can't believe we're only 9 days away from seeing our beloved Jets take the field.


  2. We'll feature a top 5 rushing attack for the 3rd consecutive season under Rex Ryan.

    In 2009 we ranked 1st in rushing attempts, 1st in rushing yards, 5th in average yards per carry, 3rd in rushing TD's and 1st in rushes for 1st downs.

    Last year we ranked 2nd in rushing attempts, 4th in rushing yards, 8th in average yards per carry, 9th in rushing TD's and 4th in rushes for 1st downs.

    As you can see, we seen a drop off in rushing last season (due to an increase in passing) but the potential production of a top 5 rushing attack is still here with the Jets. Just because Sanchez is heading into his 3rd season, doesn't mean the coaching staff will shy away from something (our ground and pound) that's led us to the AFC Championship game during consecutive seasons. Rex Ryan being a smash mouth type of football coach won't allow that to happen. Not when our offensive line is built to dominate games inside the trenches. Shonn Greene would become a smart fantasy pickup for someone looking for a top 10 back. In 09 Thomas Jones was our feature back, Greene was only a rookie. Last year LT took away a lot of the carries that Greene could have gotten. This season, Tomlinson will play a lesser role which makes for Shonn Greene emerging onto the scene as our feature back. Heading into his 3rd year, at the age of 25, as our feature back, behind this offensive line? I'm expecting a very strong season out of #23.

  3. It's only a preseason game, so first and foremost, I'll be praying that we stay injury free. After that, I just can't wait to see our Jets of 2011 take the field after a long and uncertain offseason. It's became a good feeling knowing that our first preseason game is less than 10 days away, because I'll be the first to admit, I wasn't expecting a full season of NFL football this year (if any at all). The lockout had me fearing for the worst, just talking about a Jets-Texans preseason game feels like a breath of fresh air.

    I'm not expecting to see much of Plaxico or Mason until week 3 of the preseason, but I can't wait to watch and later on evaluate how our younger guys performed such as Joe McKnight who's coming off a strong finish to the 2010 season, John Conner in replace of Tony Richardson, *Jeremy Kerley* vs Scotty McKnight, Wayne Hunter vs Vladimir Ducasse for the battle of out RT position, *Muhammad Wilkerson* who's already been named as our starting DE, can Kenrick Ellis make an impact? Can Jamaal Westerman break out into a pass rushing force? and has Kyle Wilson improved during the offseason? Just to name a few. From what I've seen, Wilkerson and Kerley are two game changers waiting to happen.

    We have plenty of young players, which could make for a very interesting preseason.

  4. After losing Jerricho, I'm very thankful we landed Derrick Mason. He's one hell of a WR. He's put up 134 receptions, 1,830 receiving yards and 14 TD's over the past two seasons. Thats very impressive. Even though Mason hasn't missed a game in 8 years, staying healthy at the age of 37 is my only concern surrounding the addition of Mason. Lets hope for the best with Plaxico Burress, because if Plaxico can return to form, we'll have one hell of a duo between Holmes and Plaxico on the outside. Mason is a player who can do some damage out of the slot. He's a sure handed veteran, can pick up the tough 3rd down due to precise route running ability and most importantly... He doesn't make costly mistakes such as fumbles or dropped passes under pressure. I'll miss Braylon and Cotchery, but I'm also excited to see what we have in Plaxico, Mason and Kerley. Jeremy Kerley is a rookie who's going to make an immediate impact for the Jets. He's just about the same size as Wes Welker and Wayne Chrebet. He's built for the slot, very nice hands and extremely shifty in the open field.

  5. Thanks for all the responses, I appreciate the warm welcome. Thankful that it's Saturday, off from work until Monday, so now it's time for myself to talk some Jets football. See you all on the Jets side.

  6. Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been reading this site for a while now, thought I'd sign up and start my posting career. You all have a nice fan base, hopefully I can contribute from time to time as nothing more than a Jets fan. Already can't wait to watch the Jets take the field. Week one against the Cowboys on Sunday night football can't come soon enough, also can't wait to see some of our new faces during preseason games.

  7. As we all know, we need an outside pass rusher opposite of Calvin Pace. What could have been with Vernon Gholston. Due to VG's lack of productivity, we're still looking for our franchise pass rusher of the future, but lets not forget, Mario Williams of the Texans is scheduled to become a free agent next offseason. Chances are the Texans hit Williams with the Franchise tag, but if not, it'll be nice knowing that we didn't break the bank on a 30 year old CB once Mario hits the open market. He'll be 27 next offseason and 28 the year after. To make a long story short, Aso won't be the last big name free agent that we're interested in.

  8. Would Aso have improved our entire defense this season? Absolutely. Revis and Asomugha had the potential to form the greatest cornerback tandem since Lester Hayes and Mike Haynes of the Raiders back in the 1980's, but I'm sorry, a 30 year old CB isn't worth that type of money when it's all said and done with. In the long run, the Jets just saved about 60 million with a chance to improve our overall roster in other ways.

    Lets start by locking up Braylon Edwards, Antonio Cromartie and Davis Harris long term. That's a good start.

    The only CB who should be making anything near that type of money is Darrelle Revis, at least Revis has gone man-to-man against opposing teams #1 wide outs, while Aso has always made a living off of blanketing lesser #2's on the right side of the Raiders defense. He's never done what Revis has done for the Jets, therefore he's not worth the type of money that the Eagles coughed up.

    If the Eagles force Asomugha to play on an island, in man coverage, against #1 WR's... I can almost guarantee that he'll fall flat on his face when compared to what Revis has done over the years.

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