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  1. Just to be clear--I'm not the real CharlieBurk, nor did I ever intend to be anything but a parody of him and his "reporting". I thought I made that much clear in the "Cromartie to Jets Ramping Up?" thread. Regardless, I'm done now. Kind of reminds me of South Park though..."you're not the real L. Ron Hubbard? Hahaha! Your sued!" etc.
  2. Just an FYI but the "CharlieBurkNYC" on twitter isn't the real Charlie Burkowitz--notice his account hasn't been verified. Guy's been tweeting all my reporting from here as the same guy, but I'M NOT HIM. All the reports there that aren't mentioned here are probably made up.
  3. Thanks for the nod--yes, this is a done deal. Expect it to be announced by the end of the night.
  4. I don't report poorly shared information, I share only the best from the most trusted sources. Of course my sources are unattributable, otherwise they wouldn't be sources. Don't be too mad I'm breaking these stories before you.
  5. The Jets are trying to use this as leverage in the Cromartie negotiations, but don't be surprised if they sign both.
  6. I can confirm that the Jets HAVE made a pitch, and will probably start negotiating with Plaxico tomorrow. Expect a deal by Tuesday.
  7. "It's all fun and games until my reports prove true."
  8. You're off by more than a factor of 2. I'm just establishing myself, but once people realize that my info is legit that followers number will skyrocket. And soon thereafter I'll probably be on ESPN.
  9. I strive for objectivity--you can't report news, especially bad news, if your mind is clouded by prejudices towards or against a team.
  10. I don't think sources would confide in me if they weren't aware of my rep.
  11. You'll see soon enough. When the Jets resign Cromartie and lose out on Braylon, will you still be laughing?
  12. Yeah, look who typed it. I've been wrong ONCE. I have valuable and credible sources, they screwed up earlier in relaying their information before it was finalized re Nnamdi.
  13. Braylon is in contract negotiations with the Dolphins, NOT the Patriots.
  14. Good news--my sources have confirmed that Cromartie is not willing to take a volunteering position.
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