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  1. I heard he was blind in one eye...... Is this true?
  2. Ok... I will admit this was a bad topic.... Just thought it would be something to discuss post lockout.. It won't happen again...
  3. Dan Persa is coming back from a Torn Achillies as well
  4. And Nail meets head... This would concern me....
  5. I think the Jets just want to go younger there... They obviously don't want Ellis taking snaps from Wilkerson..
  6. We don't have enough diversity in our WR corps...Clown would get some nice one on one matchups, similar to Dedric Ward....
  7. The Jets because of Holmes... Holmes is the only one at that list who can consistently get behind defenses, and needs to be doubled.
  8. There are going to be a ton of injuries across football this year.. Who do you think goes down? I'm going with Calvin Pace....
  9. I don't know where the hell he is, but that guy was the downfield threat this team is going to need.
  10. I'm interested to know your opinions. The media is making a big deal about this ankle "tweak", and rightfully so. If his joints can't hold up, while running around, how will he take getting hit on a regular basis?
  11. Give me a break.... "He wanted to be traded/released" This is the NFL.... Since when does a team ever cave into a players demands? Look at Carson Palmer for god sakes!!!! I just can't figure out why they couldn't keep him this year.
  12. Steve Smith (NYG) or Steve Smith (CAR) would be decent...
  13. You think this guy is going to be happy being a #3 WR? This little ****er is going to cause a real problem in the locker room if he's not getting balls. He openly criticized Joe Flacco last year which caused a major distraction in the locker room. He's going to blame his declining skills on Mark Sanchez. Living in the Baltimore area I am very familiar with this guy. Word around the city is he's a huge scumbag.... How can the give up on a guy like Cotchery, for a Rod freaking Tidwell??
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