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  1. OK, so that makes you a Packers fan and a troll. Someone ban this guy.
  2. I remember TX from another website. He was a Pats fan. I'm a Jets fan.
  3. Let's start with one. If there is one. Heck, maybe the Jets are the best team out there. Can anyone on this site name even one team that is better than the Jets?
  4. That's a good way to look at it. Most people on this site aren't worried about any team. They think the Jets are just going to run roughshod over everyone.
  5. Fine, the Jets are way better than the Patriots. Now you can all rest easy.
  6. Oh, OK. The Jets are dominant at home. Feel better now?
  7. I told you, I'm a Jets fan. Probably been one much longer than you, son. But, even as a Jets fan, I can see that the Patriots are a far superior football team. I don't understand how that upsets you so much. The Jets haven't won anything in over 40 years. Losing in the AFC Championship Game makes you the champion of nothing. And, let's face it, this year won't be any different. I'm surprised that my fellow Jets fans are willing to accept such mediocrity.
  8. You're right. The Giants did beat them when it mattered most.
  9. Hasn't proven to be much of a home field advantage so far. You'd think, as good as the Jets are, they'd be more dominant at home.
  10. I watched the firat quarter and a half of the Patriots game last night. They look very good. If you're not concerned about the Patriots, you're not a Jets fan.
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