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  1. I'm worried about every team we play. We have beaten the cheating scum more than anyone else has and their score running in the preseason against guys who will be loading UPS trucks in 3 weeks doesn't worry me more than say the Cowboys.

    That's a good way to look at it.

    Most people on this site aren't worried about any team. They think the Jets are just going to run roughshod over everyone.

  2. Really? That's hilarious, because the last time I checked... we dominated the Patriots during the playoffs last year. We manhandled Brady and the Patriots on the road in NE. We ran those guys out of Foxboro by the score of 28-21. Anyone who actually watched the game, even as a casual observer such as youself... Would understand that the game wasn't as close as the score was.

    What you say is insignificant around here. What you type is irrelevant. You're not a "long time Jets fan". Your a NE fan who doesn't have the heart to admit your a Patriots fan as of right now. The Patriots time is ticking (tick-tock), but the Jets era under Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez has just begun. The Patriots are "vastly superior"? because they've won two PRESEASON games? Too funny.

    Proof that you're not a true Jets fan. We've been true Super Bowl contenders since the day we signed Rex Ryan as head coach. Our defense will rank top 5 for the 3rd consecutive year this up coming season. It'll be 2014 until we're contenders? Troll. Then explain why you can't talk about teams such as the Steelers, Ravens, Colts and Patriots without mentioning the New York Jets. We've been to the AFC Championship game with top 5 D's and rushing attacks during consecutive seasons under Rex Ryan. Anyone who doesn't consider the Jets as legitimate contenders must not know a lick about the AFC.

    I told you, I'm a Jets fan. Probably been one much longer than you, son.

    But, even as a Jets fan, I can see that the Patriots are a far superior football team.

    I don't understand how that upsets you so much.

    The Jets haven't won anything in over 40 years. Losing in the AFC Championship Game makes you the champion of nothing. And, let's face it, this year won't be any different.

    I'm surprised that my fellow Jets fans are willing to accept such mediocrity.

  3. GFY troll! You need more people on that " Im a longtime Jets fan" sh*t you mentioned.

    That "vastly" superior team got whipped like a red headed step kid when it mattered the most.

    You're right. The Giants did beat them when it mattered most.

  4. Its funny the way some people value contracts. If Kalil's deal is 49 million over 6 that means the actual extension value is 39 million over 5 with a guarantee of about 18 million.On an average per year basis its going to be almost identical to Mangold and will be slightly higher on the guarantee per year side. It looks like it will probably be identical as well to the first three extension year payouts. I wouldnt be surprised if the deal comes in slightly under 49 million to make the APY identical to Mangolds contract. But the overall difference is very small, even though its going to be reported differently. Mangold probably has a far better chance of seeing the 37M or so in cash over his extension than Kalil has in seeing the 39 million he is set to earn. Assuming they gave him no 2nd year signing/option bonus (and I think the Panthers are avoiding those) Kalil will carry a $0 dead cap charge in the final year of his contract, meaning no penalty to cut. At the same point Mangold will carry over 6 million in dead money, meaning he is earning all that money.

    So, essentially, the Panthers cut a good deal.

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  5. Nothing to do with the Ihedigbo signing, which is relatively insignificant, but the Patriots are just flat out better than the Jets.

    I'm a long time Jets fan, but even the casual observer of football can see that the Patriots are vastly superior at this point in time.

    I think if we play our cards right, the Jets can be legitimate Superbowl contenders by 2014.

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