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  1. I'm with Joe Douglas and management. You ain't special Zach Wilson! You haven't done sh*t in this league yet, and we're not setting a new precedent for your rookie ass! Git down or lay down! Captain Morgan put your helmet on. Your going in!!!!!
  2. I think he is right now equal to or better than George Fant. I think in a year or two he has the opportunity to be better than Becton. If you look at 2020, Becton has already missed 3 games. I think Carman is durable, moves well, is a better pass blocker, and can run block in space. Time will tell, and I'm not knocking Mekhi Becton, I just think Jackson Carman has high upside with traits I like (durability, flexibility, experience, locks on his block well).
  3. I was thinking of LSU, thanks. My comps were not to say he was Lamar Jackson or big Ben. I was saying he could be the out of nowhere QB this year similar to Lamar Jackson his rookie year when he surpassed the other 4 guys in front of him. My point about Roethlisberger is just that he is a bigger, tough, competitive QB, and I see that in Trask.
  4. Saints - Kyle Trask QB Florida. I think Trask is better than Mac Jones whom a lot have as the 3rd best QB this year. All Trask has done is throw 70 TD's against 15 INT's the last 2 years against really good competition like Alabama twice, Georgia twice, Auburn, and Texas A&M. He's also completed passes for 67% and 69% of his throws the last 2 seasons against SEC comp. Saints should grab him in round 2, or maybe even round 1. Drew Brees should be a consultant/QB coach. Trask will be this years version of Lamar Jackson. The knock on Trask has been his arm strength, but I think his ball p
  5. I personally don't think Sam Darnold is a bad quarterback or the clock has run out. People, and fans in general are fairly short sited. To put this into perspective, in 2019 when Sam Darnold had Robby Anderson he threw 19 TD's in 13 games and had roughly 3,000 yards. Josh Allen had less/worse stats in 16 games played. If Darnold had played a 16 game season he would have thrown 23 or 24 TD's. This is actually better than Josh Allen who many on this blog have mentioned as a guy they "clamored" over. Darnold in year 2 was better than Josh Allen. Josh Allen got to throw to Steph Diggs, and
  6. As the title implies these are five quick reasons that I've come to the conclusion the Jets are not going to draft a quarterback (Wilson or Fields) with their top pick. 1. The Jets only have two quarterbacks on the roster right now. Sam Darnold and Captain James Morgan. If the Jets were to trade Darnold, and draft a quarterback one of the first things they would have done would be to secure a veteran quarterback that knows the system. Using the 2021 free agency tracker I notice that both CJ Beathard and Nick Mullens are still on the free agency market. It would make sense that if the
  7. This is a bad post. Not by the OP, but the article. It's not really about the QB, it's about the TEAM. If you are drafting a QB early, it is because your team was bad. The difference between the "hits" and the "misses" is that Patrick Mahomes has two great receiving targets in Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelse. He is still better than Trubiski, but the gap in talent is exascebated when you don't have the talent. Josh Allen stunk in year 2 and Sam Darnold was ahead of him. The Bills got a multi-year pro bowl receiver in Stephon Diggs and 3 quality supporting receivers in Cole Beasley, John Brow
  8. I really enjoy everyone's feedback, both positive and negative. I could have written about all the typical things that I look at like his footwork in the pocket, how quickly I think he goes through progressions, etc. I didn't want to make a 20 paragraph long blog, so I kept it simple. Wilson is the definition of a one year wonder. There are no two ways around it. For those of you that made the who doesn't want to see progression from year to year, of course you want to see that. But take the full picture into account. What top competition, power 5 schools, or stiff defenses did the
  9. I'm sure some of you will read this and immediately think I don't know what I'm talking about. This post isn't meant for you. You are the sheep. This post is meant for those that don't follow the advice of robo-dialers and and take the first offer from used car salesmen. Zach WIlson is being bandied about as the second best quarterback behind Trevor Lawrence. What has he done to get this praise? I'll tell you. He was the 70th rated passer in a field of 130 Quarterbacks. He threw a whopping 62% against slightly better than garbage opponents. Well what about his magic arm? He threw 11
  10. 13 seconds left. No time outs left. 46 yards from the end zone. I don't blame Lamar Jackson (numbered 8 in this photo). I blame the play calling that puts all 11 players on defense within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage, when everyone but the Jets seemed to understand just defend the deep part of the field. You could play 3 deep on the 5 yard line. You can play 4 deep on the goal line. You can play man or zone, as long as your corners are backed off and your safeties are deep. You can call a time out to get set. You can rush 3 and put 4 at the 20 and 4 at the goal line and keep the ba
  11. This is not a definitive "mind made up" blog. For all of the Trevor Lawrence losers that are going to say Trevor Lawrence or bust, or I'm crazy because I don't agree with you, I say you are a bunch of lemmings following each other as you all walk off a cliff, without giving any thought to why you even have the opinion that you have. I'm not saying Kyle Trask is the best QB in this draft class. I am only stating that I am starting to do my homework, watch condensed film of his throws from each game. I'm also looking at his stats game by game, and I'm intrigued. Again, for all the Trevor
  12. You can be mad all you want. I don't really care. I'm a Darnold fan still, and hope he captains this team for years. The 1st round has a percentage of success in the 1st round, so maybe Lawrence works, and maybe he won't. For those of you on the Lawrence bandwagon, if he works, I'll be happy. If he doesn't work, remember your conviction today as you call for his head in a year or two. Bandwagon jumping ass fans.
  13. All responses, and still no answers to my question. What does success look like, and what does failure look like? Looking for numbers, stats, wins/losses, etc.
  14. This is not really a draft topic, but more of a we're already in the 2021 season hypothetical question. What if the Jets draft Trevor Lawrence and he stinks? I don't mean horrible, but borderline stinks. For example 2700 yards 15 TD/15 interceptions in his rookie year. Then he follows it up with a 2022 season of 19TD/13 INT in his sophomore season along with 3,000 yards. Do you try to trade him in year 3? I only ask because Sam Darnold put up 17TD/15INT and followed with 19TD/13TD in his second season. For those that hold Darnold to a standard that he should be traded for Lawrence
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