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  1. I'm with Joe Douglas and management. You ain't special Zach Wilson! You haven't done sh*t in this league yet, and we're not setting a new precedent for your rookie ass! Git down or lay down! Captain Morgan put your helmet on. Your going in!!!!!
  2. I think he is right now equal to or better than George Fant. I think in a year or two he has the opportunity to be better than Becton. If you look at 2020, Becton has already missed 3 games. I think Carman is durable, moves well, is a better pass blocker, and can run block in space. Time will tell, and I'm not knocking Mekhi Becton, I just think Jackson Carman has high upside with traits I like (durability, flexibility, experience, locks on his block well).
  3. I was thinking of LSU, thanks. My comps were not to say he was Lamar Jackson or big Ben. I was saying he could be the out of nowhere QB this year similar to Lamar Jackson his rookie year when he surpassed the other 4 guys in front of him. My point about Roethlisberger is just that he is a bigger, tough, competitive QB, and I see that in Trask.
  4. Saints - Kyle Trask QB Florida. I think Trask is better than Mac Jones whom a lot have as the 3rd best QB this year. All Trask has done is throw 70 TD's against 15 INT's the last 2 years against really good competition like Alabama twice, Georgia twice, Auburn, and Texas A&M. He's also completed passes for 67% and 69% of his throws the last 2 seasons against SEC comp. Saints should grab him in round 2, or maybe even round 1. Drew Brees should be a consultant/QB coach. Trask will be this years version of Lamar Jackson. The knock on Trask has been his arm strength, but I think his ball placement, and progression through his reads are top of the list in this draft. When you pair that with his height, toughness, I think he's a Rothlesburger type that will be tough to sack and will stick around for 15 years. Titans- Shi Smith WR South Carolina. I've watched a lot of tape of game film on Shi Smith. He is super fast, super quick to get open, and has not so great hands. I watched 4 games and a senior bowl practice and DB's can't cover him in a phone booth. He's built like Odell Beckham, but plays more physical like Deebo Samuel (another Gamecock WR). He just doesn't have Beckham's hands. He makes sense on a physical team that uses play action like the Titans. He's probably a 4th round receiver, but I think he can move towards the top Titans empty WR depth chart during the season. AJ Brown and Shi Smith in the starting lineup. Watch out for this sleeper. Chargers - Michael Carter RB North Carolina. MIchael Carter is more explosive than Javonte Williams even though Williams is more widely mentioned. Carter averaged 7.6 yards per carry to Williams 5.5. He also caught the ball for over 10 yards per reception. The ACC isn't great competition, but when you can gain 1,245 yards on only 150 carries, that is special. The Chargers don't have any great running backs, and Carter at 5'9 200 lbs. provides a weapon similar to Tiki Barber that can do everything well. Jets - Jackson Carman LT Clemson. I absolutely love this dude as an offensive tackle or guard. He is 6'5 and 345 lbs. He is currently projected as around the 5th -10th best tackle in the draft class. I believe the fact he was a 5 star recruit, and played for Clemson he's had 4 years of people picking at his game, artificially deflating his value. He is a super sized tackle with great feet and long arms, and I think from day 1 is better than George Fant, and maybe Mekhi Becton. Clemson used him to protect the blind side for 3 years, so he has a ton of experience. He can cave in the side of the defensive line at will, or he can move out in space in zone concepts. In my perfect world, I'd draft him with the first of the round 3 picks, and I'd use him to either take over right tackle for Fant this or next year, or potentially slide back to left tackle, and move Becton to right tackle by next season. Either way, I think he makes an great bookend offensive lineman that despite his size and strength will not disrupt the Jets new zone concepts that require more nimble offensive linemen. Vikings - Gregory Rousseau DE Miami. The Vikings pick 14th and they need players to generate pressure up front. In 2019 Greg Rousseau posted 15.5 sacks and was a top 5 pick on most draft boards. He opted out of the 2020 NCAA season and has seen his stock plummet. For the low price of a 14th pick the Vikings will get the next big time defensive end following Miles Garrett and Chase Young. There are other defensive ends being hyped up, but Rousseau is the real deal. A good comparison for him is Miami Dolphins (and brief Jets) Jayson Taylor. Rousseau measured in at6'6 270 lbs., with a 4.66 40 and a ridiculous 83" wingspan. The Jets should take him at 23, but I think any smart team will make sure he is gone by then.
  5. I personally don't think Sam Darnold is a bad quarterback or the clock has run out. People, and fans in general are fairly short sited. To put this into perspective, in 2019 when Sam Darnold had Robby Anderson he threw 19 TD's in 13 games and had roughly 3,000 yards. Josh Allen had less/worse stats in 16 games played. If Darnold had played a 16 game season he would have thrown 23 or 24 TD's. This is actually better than Josh Allen who many on this blog have mentioned as a guy they "clamored" over. Darnold in year 2 was better than Josh Allen. Josh Allen got to throw to Steph Diggs, and he became a pro bowler, while Darnold got to throw to Chris Hogan who is now a lacrosse player and Braxton Berrios who is probably a 5th receiver on a good team. Somehow, the consesus among Jets fan is that one season of 2020 has sealed the deal on Sam Darnold. I don't think Darnold is the best. I don't think he's broken either. I think he is a legitimate 65% passer with 25 TD's per year annually and 3,500 yards based on what he did his sophomore season. That's not my opinion either, that is just statistics. This would put him in the same category of QB as guys like Jimmy Garoppolo or Derek Carr annually which I think is sufficient to be the starting QB. It's really just a matter of if you can look at 2019 where he outplayed Josh Allen or look at 2020 where Allen had the advantages Darnold didn't, in which you think Darnold needs to be replaced.
  6. As the title implies these are five quick reasons that I've come to the conclusion the Jets are not going to draft a quarterback (Wilson or Fields) with their top pick. 1. The Jets only have two quarterbacks on the roster right now. Sam Darnold and Captain James Morgan. If the Jets were to trade Darnold, and draft a quarterback one of the first things they would have done would be to secure a veteran quarterback that knows the system. Using the 2021 free agency tracker I notice that both CJ Beathard and Nick Mullens are still on the free agency market. It would make sense that if the Jets were to trade Darnold, go down to one quarterback, and then draft a rookie, the first thing they would do, even prior to signing Corey Davis or Carl Lawson, would be to sign a QB that would know the probable playbook that the Jets would likely run, and a veteran that they could play if a guy like Zach WIlson gets injured. The fact that only 7 of a possible 30 QB's have been signed speaks to the fact that they will probably run with Darnold and not look for a backup QB that could support a rookie. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/all/quarterback/ 2. Defense, defense, defense. The head coach Robert Salah has made his bones on defense. Add to this the fact that the Jets are switching from a 3 man front to a 4 man front, and it goes without saying the Jets may prioritize the components they don't have for a 4-3 defense. Those things include a DE that is more suited to a 4-3 as well as more speed at linebacker. Just a logical guess here, but it would make sense that the Jets would look to target in their first 3 or 4 picks a high ceiling DE like Greg Rouseau, Kwity Paye, or Jaelan Phillips. Although none of these guys are worth the #2 pick, it is worth noting that Rouseau who opted out of the 2020 season was ranked as a potential #1 pick at the start of 2021 after logging 15 sacks from DE in 2019. I believe he may be rated a lot higher than people think, and the Jets may look to grab some speed at linebacker in round 2 or 3. https://247sports.com/college/miami/Article/Miami-Hurricanes-Football-2021-NFL-Draft-DE-Gregory-Rousseau-a-top-five-pick-in-another-2021-mock-draft-147182083/ 3. Nick Bosa. This goes along with my second point, but Nick Bosa was the second pick in the 2019 draft and the 49ers defense was based around prioritizing getting to the QB with a consistent pass rush. It's also logical to think that Robert Salah would want to reproduce what the 49ers did when they went tot the Super Bowl in the 2019 season. They passed on Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson in that draft and rolled with an average QB like Jimmy Garoppolo, because they knew their running game, defense, and offensive system were more important than any rookie QB. Sam Darnold is equivalent to Jimmy G. where he is better in some areas including footwork, scrambling, throwing on the run, and worse in others like processing information. My personal opinion, but I think it all evens out, and that Salah may view Darnold as comparable to or better than a QB that he saw get the 49ers to the Super Bowl just 2 short years ago. 4. George Kittle. Logically speaking, it's not expected that the Jets copy the entire 49ers offensive and defensive scheme. It is logical that the Jets coaching staff would want to immitate the components of San Francisco that were most successful. That being said, George Kittle is arguably the 49ers most valuable player. It's not just Kittle either, as players like Travis Kelse, Antonio Gates, Rob Gronkowski, Tony Gonzalez have made their quarterbacks and their teams offense click for the last 20 years. If the Jets want to prioritize getting a lot of production from the tight end position as they did with Kittle, they may be looking to trade down a pick or two and draft Kyle Pitts from Florida. Jets fans might boo this on draft day, but when you consider Kittle's trajectory, getting a player like Pitts to do to the AFC East what Rob Gronkowski did to the Jets for a decade might help to win some games. I'm personally a fan of Pat Freiermuth of Penn State, but would not be upset with Pitts. https://www.ninersnation.com/2020/6/20/21296457/49ers-can-anyone-unseat-kittle-for-team-mvp-in-2020 5. Last on my list but most important is the report that came out last week that the Jets were split on keeping or trading Sam Darnold. In the report it stated Joe Douglas wanted to trade, but the coaching staff wanted to keep Sam Darnold. This one is simple. If you are the GM, and you just hired a new coach to a multi-year contract. The owner is leaning on you to get it right, and the coach says keep Darnold, the first decision you make is not going to be to go against your head coach and trade the guy he wants to keep. The owner should defer to the GM's wishes. The GM in turn should (most of the time) try to keep the coach happy. We just had warring GM and coach with McCagnan and Gase, and we won't see that re-hashed less than 2 years later. The most logical guess to me is that although Joe D. has final say, he'll want to form the roster to Robert Salah's expectations. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/new-york-jets-organization-reportedly-split-on-sam-darnold-trade-in-2021/ar-BB1eBXaD These are my five reasons that I think the Jets won't draft a QB. It's still early on some of these and they might still sign a free agent QB, but it seems that Joe is just playing this up to get as much trade capital for the number two pick. Looking at past history, especially as it relates to success is a good indicator to predict future behavior. The 49ers had a lot of success, as you can't get more successful than getting to a Super Bowl, and it stands to reason they will copy the major components that brought them that success. Also, if they trade the 2nd pick to a team that wasn't very good such as the Falcons, it's reasonable to think that in 2022 the Falcons will still fall behind teams like the Bucs, Saints, and even Panthers in the NFC south. If the Jets were to trade with them, and pick up a 1st rounder next year, it could be in the top 10 picks again. For those of you that don't like Sam Darnold, there will be other top tier QB's available with the Falcons early pick should Darnold not pan out, so it's really a win- win in reality. My guess is the #2 pick goes to the Falcons for an extra third round pick in 2021, and a 1st round pick in 2022.
  7. This is a bad post. Not by the OP, but the article. It's not really about the QB, it's about the TEAM. If you are drafting a QB early, it is because your team was bad. The difference between the "hits" and the "misses" is that Patrick Mahomes has two great receiving targets in Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelse. He is still better than Trubiski, but the gap in talent is exascebated when you don't have the talent. Josh Allen stunk in year 2 and Sam Darnold was ahead of him. The Bills got a multi-year pro bowl receiver in Stephon Diggs and 3 quality supporting receivers in Cole Beasley, John Brown, and Gabriel Davis. The Jets by contrast got Chris Hogan who was the primary receiver for half the season, and he's now playing Lacrosse. I'm not a Sam Darnold superfan by any means, but you have to take into account the quarterbacks that people say did not meet the expectation and look at the offense around them. How was the coaching/game plan, how were the receivers they had, how was the offensive line? 9 times out of 10, the QB's that didn't fair well did not have 2 of those 3 things. If I'm the Jets I'd trade down and try to get Jamar Chase, and follow up by getting an a starting offensive lineman, and starting tight end in this draft like Pat Friermuth. If they get Zach Wilson in another attempt to get the QB, rather than improve the offensive talent I won't be mad. I just won't expect a different outcome.
  8. I really enjoy everyone's feedback, both positive and negative. I could have written about all the typical things that I look at like his footwork in the pocket, how quickly I think he goes through progressions, etc. I didn't want to make a 20 paragraph long blog, so I kept it simple. Wilson is the definition of a one year wonder. There are no two ways around it. For those of you that made the who doesn't want to see progression from year to year, of course you want to see that. But take the full picture into account. What top competition, power 5 schools, or stiff defenses did the player play against? Are you watching scouting video of game film vs each team, or just Zach Wilson highlights? Where are the DB's set up on throws he makes? How many seconds in the pocket does he have on typical throws? Where is the defensive line pressure at the point he is planting his feet and throwing? Still stuck on the line, or already in the backfield? For Wilson, I see a nice arm, playing a puff schedule for 2 years straight. If you take into account his 2 years of play, and put him in a power 5 conference I think he falls in the middle of the pack. He rarely looks off his first route option because he didn't have to. I think he is Mitch Trubisky 2.0. If you like Mitch Trubisky (and Mitch did make one Pro Bowl), you will like guys like Zach WIlson. It's not a direct one to one comparison, so don't get your panties in a bunch. If you don't believe what I am saying I'll give you a quick snippet. This is not what I like to do regularly, but here is 2 minute video vs San Diego State. Usually I'd look at every throw from different angles, but no one is going to watch that. For reference he was 25 of 34 with 3 TD's and 300 yards in this game. Not a bad stat line. Watch the film however: There are 13 throws that they highlight by my count. They are all designed plays, and he comes off his first read maybe one time. The last play he holds the ball 5 seconds, and they comment how he is "under duress" as if this was an insane blitz that he somehow got the ball out despite of how long he has the ball. I see this and I wonder how many times is he going to have a clean pocket? How many times is he going to be blitzed maybe a half dozen times the entire game? How many times is he going to be able to sit in the pocket 5 seconds to throw the ball to his first read without looking someone off? Does he have "arm talent"? Sure. I just don't think the guy I see translates to a Sunday QB. I see a guy who runs the script against bad comp, plays well and gets the media love for it. I'd personally put Mac Jones (starting prospect), even Kyle Trask (developmental) above him. They have shown better decision making, accuracy, much faster processing, and have beat up much better defenses for the past 2 years. Arm strength is great. It's just not more important than reading a defense, getting the ball out quickly, being accurate, going through progressions (which Zach Wilson has not), and throwing with timing. Arm strength is probably 4th, maybe 5th on the list of most important to me, but definitely not 1st. If you're a fan of this guy because he has a strong arm, you may see it differently.
  9. I'm sure some of you will read this and immediately think I don't know what I'm talking about. This post isn't meant for you. You are the sheep. This post is meant for those that don't follow the advice of robo-dialers and and take the first offer from used car salesmen. Zach WIlson is being bandied about as the second best quarterback behind Trevor Lawrence. What has he done to get this praise? I'll tell you. He was the 70th rated passer in a field of 130 Quarterbacks. He threw a whopping 62% against slightly better than garbage opponents. Well what about his magic arm? He threw 11 touchdowns to 9 interceptions. What #2 pick in the draft has an almost 1 to 1 TD to INT ratio? For those of you scratching your heads, I'm not talking about 2020 Zach Wilson. I'm talking about 2019 Zach Wilson. That's the only other year that he started a full slate. In 2020 he threw 33 TD's, completed 73% of his passes and everyone forgot about who he was the year before. The only thing that changed between 2020 and 2019 is the running game was better. BYU had a 4 yard per carry running back by committee in 2019. BYU had a 5.5 yard per carry with a primary back the following year. Why does this matter? BYU ran the ball 465 times in 2019, and 423 times in 2020. By comparison they threw it 468 times and 376 times in 2019 and 2020 respectively. They went as their running game went, and the passing game prospered from that. Zach Wilson prospered from that. Zach Wilson didn't put the team on his shoulders and carry them. The BYU running game put Zach Wilson on it's back and carried him. This year's draft Wilson is being overhyped because he has a strong arm, and he throws a nice spiral. So did Mitch Trubisky (the last one year wonder). Josh Rosen had a nice arm, and threw pretty passes, and he is on his third team. Zach Wilson is of that ilk. Anyone clamoring for the Jets to draft him may as well watch his 2019 film (when you all didn't know his name), because that is more indicative of who he is than 2020 while BYU beat up on some bum teams, and folded to Coastal Carolina, the only ranked team they played. The sheep will still say "We need Zach WIlson!". That's fine. I'm counting on the fact that Joe Douglas is not a sheep, and he won't hitch his wagon to the latest one year wonder to become popular just before the draft.
  10. 13 seconds left. No time outs left. 46 yards from the end zone. I don't blame Lamar Jackson (numbered 8 in this photo). I blame the play calling that puts all 11 players on defense within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage, when everyone but the Jets seemed to understand just defend the deep part of the field. You could play 3 deep on the 5 yard line. You can play 4 deep on the goal line. You can play man or zone, as long as your corners are backed off and your safeties are deep. You can call a time out to get set. You can rush 3 and put 4 at the 20 and 4 at the goal line and keep the ball in front of you. You can do so many things as far as play calling. You can do basically anything but what you did. Then it hit me. The Jets have never had a reason to practice, call, or be prepared for prevent defense. Why would they know what to do?
  11. This is not a definitive "mind made up" blog. For all of the Trevor Lawrence losers that are going to say Trevor Lawrence or bust, or I'm crazy because I don't agree with you, I say you are a bunch of lemmings following each other as you all walk off a cliff, without giving any thought to why you even have the opinion that you have. I'm not saying Kyle Trask is the best QB in this draft class. I am only stating that I am starting to do my homework, watch condensed film of his throws from each game. I'm also looking at his stats game by game, and I'm intrigued. Again, for all the Trevor Lawrence fanboys, this blog is not for you. I could compare Trask to a guy like Joe Burrow in that if you look at Burrow's trajectory, he wasn't on the map as the #`1 pick at the beginning of the 2019 season, but by the end of the season he'd thrown the most TD's in a season in history, and was a # 1 pick in the NFL draft. If you take out the Trevor Lawrence lemmings love, and just look at the stats, particularly against the good competition, he's got a really good track record the past 2 seasons that he's been starting. Again, this is not a definitive "pick this guy", just my thoughts that Trev Lawrence is not the only game in town. As of right now, Trask is on track to match or break what Joe Burrow did last year. If Burrow was the barometer for success, Trask is in the vicinity. Including passing stats game by game the past 2 seasons for those of you that are destined to argue without knowing what you are talking about. Pay particular attention to his completion rate and success rate against top 25 competition. I see a guy who threw 25 TD's to 7 INT's last year, and has thrown 28 TD's against 3 INT's this year in the SEC. Really looking forward to him playing against Clemson and/or Alabama to see how he holds up. Right now he's trending as a 2nd round pick, but I'd bet he's a mid 1st rounder by the end of the college football season. If the Jets were to trade down and stockpile more picks, he's a player I'd be interested in, even over guys like Justin Fields. Reports are that he is a born leader, and has a super work ethic, which at this point everyone says about their QB, so I take that with a grain of salt. Still needs to see how he spins the ball against certain coverages, his decision making, and how he deals with certain scenarios1. As of right now I like the dude as I'm not sold that Trev Lawrence is the answer. Date Opponent Surface Result Att Comp Pct. Yards Yards/Att TD Int Rating 09/26/20 @ Mississippi Grass W 51-35 42 30 71.4 416 9.9 6 0 201.77 10/03/20 South Carolina Grass W 38-24 29 21 72.4 268 9.2 4 1 188.65 10/10/20 @ 5 Texas A&M Grass L 38-41 32 23 71.9 312 9.8 4 0 195.03 10/31/20 Missouri Grass W 41-17 36 21 58.3 345 9.6 4 1 169.94 11/07/20 + 13 Georgia Grass W 44-28 43 30 69.8 474 11.0 4 1 188.41 11/14/20 Arkansas Grass W 63-35 29 23 79.3 356 12.3 6 0 250.71 Totals 211 148 70.1 2171 10.3 28 3 197.52 Date Opponent Surface Result Att Comp Pct. Yards Yards/Att TD Int Rating 08/24/19 + Miami (Fla.) Grass W 24-20 Did not play 09/07/19 Tenn.-Martin Grass W 45-0 5 4 80.0 40 8.0 1 0 213.20 09/14/19 @ Kentucky Turf W 29-21 13 9 69.2 126 9.7 0 0 150.64 09/21/19 Tennessee Grass W 34-3 28 20 71.4 293 10.5 2 2 168.61 09/28/19 Towson Grass W 38-0 20 18 90.0 188 9.4 2 0 201.96 10/05/19 14 Auburn Grass W 24-13 31 19 61.3 234 7.5 2 0 145.98 10/12/19 @ 1 LSU Grass L 28-42 39 23 59.0 310 7.9 3 1 145.99 10/19/19 @ South Carolina Grass W 38-27 33 21 63.6 200 6.1 4 1 148.49 11/02/19 + 4 Georgia Grass L 17-24 33 21 63.6 257 7.8 2 0 149.06 11/09/19 Vanderbilt Grass W 56-0 37 25 67.6 363 9.8 3 2 165.93 11/16/19 @ Missouri Turf W 23-6 35 23 65.7 282 8.1 2 0 152.25 11/30/19 Florida St. Grass W 40-17 41 30 73.2 343 8.4 3 0 167.59 12/30/19 + Virginia Grass W 36-28 39 24 61.5 305 7.8 1 1 130.57 Totals 354 237 66.9 2941 8.3 25 7 156.09
  12. You can be mad all you want. I don't really care. I'm a Darnold fan still, and hope he captains this team for years. The 1st round has a percentage of success in the 1st round, so maybe Lawrence works, and maybe he won't. For those of you on the Lawrence bandwagon, if he works, I'll be happy. If he doesn't work, remember your conviction today as you call for his head in a year or two. Bandwagon jumping ass fans.
  13. All responses, and still no answers to my question. What does success look like, and what does failure look like? Looking for numbers, stats, wins/losses, etc.
  14. This is not really a draft topic, but more of a we're already in the 2021 season hypothetical question. What if the Jets draft Trevor Lawrence and he stinks? I don't mean horrible, but borderline stinks. For example 2700 yards 15 TD/15 interceptions in his rookie year. Then he follows it up with a 2022 season of 19TD/13 INT in his sophomore season along with 3,000 yards. Do you try to trade him in year 3? I only ask because Sam Darnold put up 17TD/15INT and followed with 19TD/13TD in his second season. For those that hold Darnold to a standard that he should be traded for Lawrence while he was throwing to Chris Hogan, Braxton Berrios, Jeff Smith, Josh Malone this year, what would the bar be for Trevor Lawrence if he's throwing to 3 starting caliber receivers? I'm not looking for an argument per se. I am looking for an honest fans assessment of what it would mean if Trevor Lawrence had Sam Darnold's equivalency of success? Continue building around him, or cut him loose? What is the bar to say Lawrence is successful or not the QB of the future?
  15. I think you're jumping the gun a little bit. If the GM changed every year, the Jets would never have a winning team . Also, you're looking at things in hindsight and saying you could have done better. Look at it this way. All 32 team passed on Tyler Biadasz at least a few times. The Cowboys are a 2-7 team. So although I agree with you on selecting him 4th, his impact towards winning games is not significant. A QB however, has more value towards winning, and you could make the argument that James Morgan should have started the 3 games that Joe Flacco lost. You also mentioned the offensive linemen underperforming. George Fant has 1 penalty and 2 sacks surrendered this year. Brandon Shell has 4 penalties and 3 sacks. Also look at the money to re-sign Shell, an aging and poor run blocker in Kelvin Beachum, and Joe Douglas mostly made the right calls. Was he perfect? No. But he made the right calls with those two examples, he added Cameron Clark who you can't evaluate yet, and he added guys that were higher rated for lower salaries and shorter terms so that he could build the line slowly. It's not a one year fix, that would be short sighted. Last thing he did was he's added 27 draft picks in 3 years. He's added about 10 draft picks in the first 3 rounds as well. Now he can draft more linemen early, more playmakers. Overall, he's done a great job managing the cap, adding more talented players to the roster for the future, and being flexible. It's just Jets fans who have unrealistic expectations of a GM fixing everything in a year that don't seem to see that.
  16. I agree with you, but you're going to get a lot of garbage from most fans for your thoughts. Most fans look from game to game, and cast judgement. Lets say Darnold averages 2 or 3 TD's the remainder of the season for the last 7 games which is not out of the question. Same people saying you are crazy will be commenting Darnold is the future. I don't know if he is good, great, average, or bad because it's been hard to evaluate him. The next 7 games should be telling however.
  17. One of the thoughts I've had recently is why do the Jets need to sell off assets and try to make a decision? For example, in 2004 the Chargers had the exact same decision as the Jets have now. The Chargers kept Drew Brees, drafted Philip Rivers, and started Philip Rivers a year later. In my mind, trading Sam Darnold for a 2nd round pick is not worth the draft capital when you consider the Jets history over the last 20 years of 2nd round picks that have been drafted. It makes more sense if the Jets have the 1st pick to trade down a slot, and pick up an extra 2nd rounder. Even if the Jets select Justin Fields at pick 2, they could still start Sam Darnold, and give Fields the year or half year to get acclimated. The extra 2nd round pick it would take to trade down from pick 1 to pick 2 would net the Jets the same result as if they'd traded Darnold. This has multiple positive outcomes in my mind. If the team is still not good next season, it would be Darnold and not Justin Fields to not have to worry about messing him up psychologically and/or damaging him. It prevents the Jets fans, media, and everyone else from the stigma of "here we go again" messing up another young QB. Darnold plays anywhere from up to trade deadline next year, or to end of season. If he proves he's bad with a better supporting cast, the Jets still have a few time points to trade him off. Now lets say the Jets play well next season. If the Jets are good and Darnold plays well, or even at an all-pro level, it gives the Jets two great QB's and the Chargers Drew Brees dilemma. Do we keep him or do we trade him at the end of year? It gives the Jets one additional year to evaluate Darnold, and it costs literally nothing whether they are a good or bad team next season. If Darnold were a top 5 QB I'd keep him and extend a contract. If Darnold is anywhere around 10th rated to middle of the pack or worse, I'd trade him. We've seen the positive impact sitting even a few games your rookie year had on Tua, Justin Herbert, Desean Watson and how that helps to acclimate young QB's learning the playbook, offense, and speed of the NFL. If the goal is to put your young QB in the best position possible, I think the answer is to keep Darnold and draft a young QB and evaluate both next season. I'd let go of Joe Flacco, and take the training wheels off. The Jets would then have two throws at the dartboard next year in terms of leadership and evaluating the QB of the present/future.
  18. You are all missing the point. The film you are viewing shows you two things. Trevor Lawrence is good when running RPO's with one read, and no real pass defense. He is also good running the ball. My argument is when is he going to have those two scenerios in the NFL? When will he drop back, throw to his first receiver, and have no defender within 1`0 feet of the man? When will he be able to run over 260 pound linebackers? He can't do either of those things. When you take those out, he is not an accurate quarterback who can do things QB's need to do to succeed. If you want to have this conversation in a year's time, you will see a player who's been covered up by a system, and talent advantage that you can't duplicate in the pros. Show me a tight window that he can throw into, or a 10 yard out or in where he throws with accuracy and anticipation. You can't That is the point.
  19. Sometimes humans can be creatures of habit that just do, and don't think to ask why. While all of you have made your feelings known, the Jets should tank for Trevor, have any of you actually watched him play? Before you say I'm out of my mind watch the link I attached, and tell me what your feelings are again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Dr4rB8oAoo When Trevor had to play teams with legitimate NFL level talent in Ohio State, I think this is a pretty good barometer of who he will be in the NFL in terms of production, and the decisions he will make. In this game he threw passes against Jeff Okudah, and Damon Arnette who were 1st round corners, and typical of the type of players he will see on Sundays. He threw 33 passes, completing 18 and, all but about 7 of them were run pass option plays (RPO) where he had one read. He completed 54% of his passes and was mostly inaccurate when he had to throw into tight windows, come off his initial read, or move around in the pocket. In this game he always threw to his first read, and only checked to his second read twice by my count. Of the passes he completed, the receivers often have 2-3 yards of seperation, and it is exremely rare that he will have that type of window in the NFL. When he had to throw into tight windows he was inaccurate with the exception of two passes, one of which was a nice pass dropped by his receiver in the end zone, the other was caught. In short, Lawrence is a guy who locks on to one read, throws it and completes because there is so much open space. When he has to do anything other than set his feet and he has to climb the pocket, throw on the move, or throw with anticipation, there is nothing to suggest he can do it. However, people still clamor for him as the Jets savior? Last is his legs. The dude has wheels, and that is what saved Clemson in the game I linked. However, how many games is a gangly 220 pound quarterback going to run head first lowering his shoulder and absorbing contact? His main strength in NCAA football is something he won't be able to do in NFL football without getting injured. Many of you may see Trevor Lawrence as the savior of the NY Jets and the number 1 pick, and you are entitled to your opinion. If you do think that, I implore you to watch the film, and tell me the guy you see in this video (against good competition), will be successful playing the same style as Clemson has boosted his stock to. I'm not saying this guy is Tim Tebow, because Tebow couldn't throw. I do think he's the most overhyped QB coming out of college since Tebow. Great college QB, suspect NFL prospect. Clemson has fooled you all by putting lipstick on a decent but not great QB. Prove me wrong.
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