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    Out West
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    This and that.

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    Renaissance man. I can send back the wine or take out the garbage.
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    SoCal & Tokyo most of the time.. The scary parts of SE Asia part-time.
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    Family. Sports (Jets, Mets.Knicks, Rangers - how cursed can a man be?) Food. Wine. Cars. Travel.
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    Semi-retired. Part time personal security consultant/ Part time tennis coach/Third world tour guide.

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  • What is your favorite Jets related memory?
    Not SB III. I knew we had that. Mine was at Shea on the usual windy day. Namath bringing the team from behind in two plays with passes to Sauer and Maynard. The first for 50 yards. The next for the TD. I cannot remember the team (hell, I have been following this team for 50+ years), but it was one of our big rivals back then and at a critical time in the AFL season. The way Joe would look right and in a split second throw a long bullet to the left side was effin' magic. .
  • Do you have season tickets?
    No. I try to get to one game at the Hackensack Swamp and a road game every season.
  • What Jets memory broke your heart?
    Too many to re-visit. I let that $hit just drip off me. I noticed you left the most room for responses to this single question. Assholes.
  • Who is your favorite member of the NY Jets flight crew?
    The one with the tight a$$.
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    Very much alive and kicking. I was 16 and a Jets nut job even then. I have been a fan since Day 1.

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  1. Bold Prediction

    Another mook with a GTFO thread. GTFO!
  2. New Unis?

    The Jags old uni's looked like they were a CFL team.
  3. Trade Down

    Way to come out of the chute on your first post. You are going to fit in here just fine.
  4. Given the state of the team, it's got to be Sanchez. The Butt Fumble was a truly generational event that perfectly sums up this sad sack, slap dick franchise.
  5. JN blocked at work [emoji20]

    Time to move on and get another job.
  6. Who do the Jets draft in the 3rd round?

    One of the mocks has us taking TE Hayden Hurst in the 3rd, but that would just make too much sense for Jets management to wrap their heads around.
  7. Delete

    Probably another Glennon thread.
  8. Happy birthday, slats

    Buon compleanno!
  9. $2.75 million in incentives and the potential to screw over another team foolish enough to sign him to a big contract -- that will motivate him. If he does get another big contract, he'll go straight back to being a mutt.
  10. Talk about being attention starved.
  11. Third Round Targets???

    You, sir, are quite mistaken.
  12. Third Round Targets???

    There has to be a good safety or two still there when we pick.
  13. There are 4 to 5 much higher profile QB's that are a slam dunk to go first -- 3 in the first round for sure. Plus plenty of talented position players that are graded very high, as in they start from Day-1. So 2nd or early 3rd round sounds about right. No way he lasts until the 5th like the experts have projected.