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  1. That sucks. The third or fourth major injury he has had since high school, which is why I was afraid to draft him. It's probably going to be a disappointing year for the Niners.
  2. We should probably just move all the WRs on the roster and the practice squad to IR at this point. Save us the trouble later.
  3. In contrast to what has gone on around here, he actually helped build an offense around the unique skill set of his QB.
  4. I think going to Carolina was on his mind.
  5. As sad as it might seem, Gase is trying to win games to save his job.
  6. I think he is doing as terrible job but I think it depends on who is available to take his place Are we really better off with an interim guy off this staff and Loggins as a real OC? I'm not convinced.
  7. I watched him make look Edelman look like Jerry Rice. He was bloody awful in coverage and gave up some big plays with his missed blitzes. But his personal stats look good so he must be a generational talent.🤔
  8. Jameis Winston is a turnover machine. Dalton is washed up and was not that great even in his prime. Better off hoping Darnold makes progress or drafting someone. We already know those two guys are not good.
  9. I have not done any research to back this up but it seems like a lot of Superbowl runnerups have crappy years the next year.
  10. I would be shocked if they got that much. A fourth or fifth would probably do it at this point.

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