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  1. Brisset - Luck

    Investing anything in this guy would be an awfully big chance to take. And his strong arm was a big part of his success, early on. I think he had shoulder issues for much longer than he let on and his play declined dramatically. He may come back as a shell of what he was when he came into the league.
  2. The refs got it right. The Pats fans in NY screwed it up.
  3. They really don’t need any help.
  4. Eli Manning's Dumb Face

    Would I take the two SBs? Hell yes. But that does not detract from his dumb face
  5. Belichick praises Jets

    I live in NE and Belicheat's midweek press conferences are hilarious. He will praise even the sh*ttiest team to the high heavens.
  6. Even at this best, he cannot close the deal. Never thrown for more than 14 TDs. That is not exciting to me.
  7. Get ready to wake up against the pats....

    Dude, enough with the name-calling.
  8. Only way McCown will start again next year is if we make the playoffs (in other words, not very likely).
  9. Time to put your money where your mouths are

    I am an optimistic Jets fan but those are really sh*tty odds.
  10. Get ready to wake up against the pats....

    We can certainly beat the Fins and the Bills (we also could lose to them, I know). We would probably have to split with the Pats (not impossible with their crappy defense). And the Bucs and the Saints aren't exactly world-beaters. If I was as sure of myself as you are I wouldn't be watching the games. It's supposed to be fun, remember? And part of fun is hoping that your team will do better than expected.