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  1. Not cool guy. Let's make the guy feel wolcome.
  2. "It will be good to be in Florham Park so I can resume crapping on the Jets 24/7," is what he's really thinking.
  3. And Reggie was really rude to the Queen of England in that Naked Gun movie too.
  4. I think the teams are going to be super discrete about talking about who has shown up so as to minimize strife with the union. I don't think we will seeing all those videos of every low draft pick showing up at the facility.
  5. Didn't he have some HUGE falling out with his personal assistant/ best friend that was highly publicized. He does seem to be a bit of a nut job.
  6. I gotta say, I wouldn't pay 3 firsts for any 38 year old player, I don't care if he's Aaron frikkin' Rogers.
  7. Then definitely no. But you're right that it is all fantasy world.
  8. I just did it. I think I was implying that maybe it isn't as crazy as it might at first appear. But he wouldn't do it and I like Zach and I can't shift gears that quickly.
  9. Sort of a ridiculous question, I know, but would you take him in a trade, play him for a year or two and let Zach sit and learn? Rodgers says he's going to retire if they don' trade him. Yes, he's a mental case, but he is still near the top of his game. We probably have the cap room. Personally, I would not, as I believe we are moving in the right direction with Wilson and the young core. I also want to use our draft picks on young players. Also, definitely not Douglas's style to make a big splash move for a veteran big star.
  10. As long as he has put in the effort to stay in shape he should be a major contributor. I makes no sense to cut him. The fact that he was in the building is a good sign.
  11. They are drafting some athletes. A bit small but maybe he can develop into a slot guy.
  12. Heard him on Sirius NFL Radio last night. Doesn't say all that much but projects competence.
  13. This is the type of leadership that could snuff out a lot of careers before they even start.
  14. It is your right, of course. And of course you don't have to buy in or think some puff piece is revealing. But it doesn't make it any less douchey that you get so much enjoyment from pissing in people's cheerios.
  15. Sorry you are not feeling well. Get well soon brother.
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