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  1. Do we think John Jacob Jinkleheimer Schmitz will make it to the second round?
  2. JD usually wins in this type of scenario. The Packers don’t want to be embarrassed.
  3. With Tua's concussion history, this may turn out to be a real opportunity for him.
  4. It was just a wish list. I wouldn't go too crazy with this.
  5. I'm sorta wondering why none of these so-called "experts" ever brought this up before.
  6. In retrospect, this whole slow roll probably was more of an FU to to Schefter and Rappaport than it was to the Packers and Jets.
  7. I would guess the Jets players have a legit source.
  8. Why does every attention whore feel they have to start their own thread?
  9. I was on the edge of my seat about what your hunch was.
  10. I love his game (when he is playing) but any team that pays him 250 mil guaranteed would be making a huge mistake because of the risk of injury. He also seemed to quit on the Ravens last year. Do you really want to guarantee that kind of money for this guy? I don’t think so.
  11. There's no future in misleading thread titles.
  12. Very reliable hands as a returner but that's about it. LaFleur had a strange affection for him as a receiver. Better that his snaps go to someone else (and his cap goes to Rodgers).
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