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  1. I'm posting, as schedule allows. Seems like a good mix here.
  2. Dumb question: Even with all of the issues that have swirled aroung this guy, is there any real chance he will be there at 6?
  3. And all the nervous laughter is pathetic. I think maybe he will think that there can be repurcussions to his actions.
  4. Mehta was on the defensive, deservedly. I can't remember another time when a beat writer has gone on a campaign against a particular candidate like this. And I had to laugh that he proposed that McDaniels and Reich are stronger candidates. McDaniels -- a guy who drafted Tebow in the first round and managed to alienate just about everybody. Reich -- a guy who has coordinated for one year and has no head coaching experience.
  5. We know he is good enough to get high first round football money. Even with all his issues you would have to expect him to be drafted, at worst, in the top ten. Could go as high as two. I guess it would depend on how strong a baseball prospect he is.
  6. A lot to be said for choosing baseball. Longer career. Much more guaranteed money over his career. Walk away with two good knees. Less pressure as one of five starters as opposed to "face of the franchise" pressure.
  7. Cops always say they got consent to search the car. It's their word against that of the bad guy they just busted.
  8. Literally means something slightly different.
  9. I think Ellis would be a loss. And he is likely to get more money from another team, unfortunately.
  10. Signed up here years ago but never really spent any time over here. Came over here from JetsInsider. Wasn't happy with Scout so here I am. As a kid, my favorite Jets were Bruce Harper and Wesley Walker, which is why I used Bruce's name.
  11. I agree with this. Even a bit of homerism isn't the worse thing in the world for building good will. Back when I used to listen to Francesa, for example, when Parcells was with the Jets, I was much more likely to listen when they weren't negative and actually boosted the team. I never understood just crapping on everything the Jets do like Manish (and often Cimini) do. It may get a lot of retweets but it would really surprise me if it sells more papers in the long run.
  12. Couldn't be more generic. Bound by confidentiality. Fun to meet with all these people etc... Did not deserve a thread.
  13. Sorry if it was already posted. I bolded the stuff on Mehta. You don't see football writers taking shots at each other like that all that often. The hires that prove Woody Johnson finally gets it By Brian Costello January 4, 2015 | 6:24pm Modal Trigger Woody Johnson, Ron Wolf (top right) and Charley Casserly (bottom right) Photo: Bill Kostroun; AP (2) MORE FROM Brian Costello Woody Johnson is in the midst of the most critical juncture of his 15 years of ownership of the Jets. This is the fifth time he will hire a head coach and fourth time he will hire a general manager, but the hires have never been as important as they are now. Johnson seems to get this and it may be time to believe Johnson will do the right thing. This is a tough sell right now after watching Johnson mistakenly hire John Idzik two years ago, and some of the moves the team has made in recent years from Tim Tebow to PSLs and Johnson’s sometimes uninspiring public speaking. I get it. But, contrary to what some will have you believe, Johnson is going about this search the right way. By bringing in longtime respected GMs Ron Wolf and Charley Casserly, Johnson did something he’s been criticized for not doing in the past — he admitted he knows what he doesn’t know. Johnson brought in “football men” to hire his football leadership. Any criticism Casserly or Wolf has taken over the process is misguided. They are leading the process, exactly what they were hired to do. Johnson will ultimately choose the candidates he wants, but, of course, Casserly’s and Wolf’s fingerprints will be on the hires. They are the ones choosing the candidates, as they should be. Would you rather have Johnson thumbing through some NFL directory to pick names? There is also this idea floating around the Jets are destined to remain in the AFC basement if they choose a coach before a GM. The truth is their preference remains to hire a GM before the coach. To that end they have already interviewed Rod Graves, Bill Kuharich, Trent Kirchner and Rick Mueller for the job. They will interview Mike Macaggnan on Monday. But there also is a competitive element to a coaching search. Much like recruiting a free agent, the Jets are in competition with the other teams that have coaching openings. If they waited to interview Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, they might be waiting until after the Super Bowl because it looks like that is where Seattle is headed. Then there is Doug Marrone. None of the other candidates seems to have stirred as much discussion as the former Bills coach. The initial perception was the Jets would blow up their entire coaching search to hire Marrone. That initial perception was wrong. Marrone interviewed with the Jets on Saturday, but there is no indication the Jets will just hand him the job. They intend to interview Chargers offensive coordinator Frank Reich and Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles this week with Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak a possibility after the Ravens’ season ends. That has not stopped a character assassination on Marrone by one agenda-driven reporter in town, who clearly fears the idea of Marrone coming to the Jets. Some have bought in to his thinking. Let’s hope Johnson is smart enough to see through the sleazy attempt to undercut Marrone. The truth is hiring a GM and coach is not easy. Who knows how any of these candidates will translate to the Jets? Is Quinn the guy because the Seahawks’ defense has been so dominant over the last two years? Is Kubiak the right choice because he has a strong offensive background, something the Jets have lacked? Is Marrone right because he has already been a head coach and knows the organization already from his time as an assistant with the Jets? No one knows. None of these candidates are automatic slam dunks who have guided teams to Super Bowl titles. Even that doesn’t always work out (see Shanahan, Mike and Redskins). That is why Johnson, Casserly and Wolf are spending three to four hours with each candidate, trying to understand their philosophy on everything from Xs and Os to putting a staff together to dealing with the media. The Jets rarely get the benefit of the doubt, and the truth is they have not done much lately to deserve it. But, in this case, Johnson has put good people in place to help him make these hires. Can we let him make the hires before we already decide he screwed up?
  14. +1 I'm not sold yet but at least he has head-coaching experience and how many guys have coached the Bills to a winning season (at least recently)?
  15. Isn't that the guy who immediately sent Denver's two best players out of town and then drafted Tebow in the first round? No thanks. That would be a disaster.
  16. I wasn't happy with his play either but I think we have to give him another game or two before we write him off.
  17. If the Jets got slaughtered by the Lions the way the Pats did the other night, these ESPN guys would cite it as evidence as we're ready to take a step back. Not the case with the Pats, though. Just a preseason game for them
  18. Don't know how to post a picture of a face palm but if I could I would. Young is a total head case. Can you imagine how bad he must have been for the Titans to release him. No doubt he was a great college player but I wouldn't fo near him with a ten foot pole. And Sanchez's numbers in preseason (going against the ones) have been very good. And despite his inconsistencies he has come up big in big game after big game. It may be time for our Vince Young fan to start rooting for the Eagles. Edit: I get it, you were being sarcastic. After I reread the Henne part a light bulb went off.
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