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  1. Mehta was on the defensive, deservedly.  I can't remember another time when a beat writer has gone on a campaign against a particular candidate like this.  And I had to laugh that he proposed that McDaniels and Reich are stronger candidates.  McDaniels -- a guy who drafted Tebow in the first round and managed to alienate just about everybody.  Reich -- a guy who has coordinated for one year and has no head coaching experience.

  2. But if you never make it out of the minors all you have is your signing bonus.  Tough choice... guaranteed money vs not being a vegetable at 50.  



    We know he is good enough to get high first round football money.  Even with all his issues you would have to expect him to be drafted, at worst, in the top ten.  Could go as high as two.  I guess it would depend on how strong a baseball prospect he is.

  3. I truely believe this kid rathers baseball than football and when it's all said and done he will play pro baseball.  Doesn't he get a big bonus if he leaves early or something like that?



    A lot to be said for choosing baseball.  Longer career.  Much more guaranteed money over his career.  Walk away with two good knees.  Less pressure as one of five starters as opposed to "face of the franchise" pressure.

  4. Florida players are scumbags.  But this is a strange report.


    There was some random 911 call for no apparent reason. And then Cunningham let the police search his car, for some unknown reason, when he knew he had a gun in there?


    And since when is it illegal to have nudie pics and destroy clothes?  These are actual laws?  haha


    Cops always say they got consent to search the car.  It's their word against that of the bad guy they just busted.

  5. Signed up here years ago but never really spent any time over here.  Came over here from JetsInsider.   Wasn't happy with Scout so here I am.  As a kid, my favorite Jets were Bruce Harper and Wesley Walker, which is why I used Bruce's name.

  6. Pretty sure they realize the agendas, but don't give a sh*t, because for most sh*tty marketing professionals all they think matters is clicks. Not content quality.


    Doing the work I do, it's far more beneficial to your long-term business to serve great content in great experiences to a relevant audience, not just serving click-bait for high volume. The whole model that online publications like PFT live by shows a fundamental misunderstanding of analytics.


    I agree with this.  Even a bit of homerism isn't the worse thing in the world for building good will.  Back when I used to listen to Francesa, for example, when Parcells was with the Jets, I was much more likely to listen when they weren't negative and actually boosted the team.  I never understood just crapping on everything the Jets do like Manish (and often Cimini) do.  It may get a lot of retweets but it would really surprise me if it sells more papers in the long run. 

  7. JW12 I get you don't like Marrone, I respect you're opinion, but my question is who would you hire? You gotta admit if Cass and Wolf think he's the guy then there's gotta be something to it. He left Syracuse and Buffalo in better shape than when he got there. You keep saying he hasn't won anything at head coach but who's available right now that has this amazing track record that you're looking for ?


    +1  I'm not sold yet but at least he has head-coaching experience and how many guys have coached the Bills to a winning season (at least recently)?

  8. I don't understand the claim that he's regressed. He has improved in almost every statistical category.

    Now his completion percentage still SUCKS, and I'm not sure why it's so TERRIBLE, considering the kid never passes further than 20 yards.. but again, he's improved in almost every major category.

    Over 70% today, FWIW.

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