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  1. 12 hours ago, LongTimeJetFan said:


    I Watched something called the Jake Asman show on YouTube. Give the young man a lot of credit, seems to be making $ off of it. However why are Jets fans always so optimistic before the season starts? Why do they believe the organization deserves any respect from the media? 

    The way he and all of these other folks went after Brady Quinn for predicting Zach Wilson and the Jets will start 1-8 was laughable.

    I have followed this team for almost 50 years and know this fanbase well. All will be good until Week 1 kickoff. After the first loss the entire fanbase will be ready to fire everyone. 



    I like Jake.  He doesn't claim to be anything other than a Jets fan.  He has a radio gig in Houston but also puts out a huge amount of Jets content.  A bit of a cheerleader but so am I. 

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  2. 34 minutes ago, TheClashFan said:

    Cool.  I also only saw The Clash once, in 1984 here in Knoxville after they'd kicked Mick Jones out of the band.  Still, a great show, and I got to see Joe Strummer live. 

    I was a huge fan and saw the Clash many times in New York and Providence, RI at various venues.  The first time I saw them was at the Palladium in New York right when Give 'em Enough Rope had come out.  The Undertones and Sam and Dave were the warm-up bands.  What a frikkin' show.  Also saw them at the famous Bonds shows in Times Square.  Good times.

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  3. 8 hours ago, T0mShane said:

    I’m no lawyer, but if the 3-4 week rumor is true, one might surmise that the actual details of the case are a tad different than the details made available to the public. Goodell is a scumbag, but 3-4 games is a suspension he hands out to dudes who get caught with an ounce of weed in their pocket. 

    Goodell's suspensions are much more about PR than about the actual factual circumstances.  Remember the reports that the NFL had the elevator tape when they suspended Ray Rice for 2 games?  After they got clobbered in the press they changed it to "indefinite."  Public reaction and its reflection on the "shield" is a much bigger factor than the actual factual circumstances.  I think the NFL will have a PR disaster if he only gets 3 or 4 games as more and more details come out UNLESS Watson settles the civil suits and is able to successfully clamp down on the facts being released. 

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  4. 12 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    So after all the hand-wringing from people here who wanted no part of Watson and were sure he'd be suspended a full year or more, we could have had a top 10-ish QB for 13-14 games out of a 17-game schedule instead of our current "meh" guy under center. 


    Do not want that dude on my team.

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  5. On 3/24/2022 at 8:07 AM, Barton said:

    Then I would have successfully negotiated with the Hill camp. lol stfu. 

    Fatso could have negotiated till he was blue in the face.  The guy wanted to go to Miami, pay no state income taxes, and play for what he thought was a better team.

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  6. I have a strong feeling he's going to be a lot like Jamal.  Pretty good but annoying you constantly by giving himself a nickname and with his Twitter, ultimately making you wish you could trade him for two firsts and a third.

  7. We Jet fans don't need them 2 bozo's to tell us we had a good draft - we got Jake Asman and the rest of the podcast crews basically humping the cameras. 

    I like these two because they are not blind adherents to the PFF formulas. Not Jet fans. Pretty objective. One of the only non-Jets podcasts I listen to. That other PFF dope who keeps talking about the bad Jets draft will be exposed pretty soon.

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