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  1. Lego My Lageman

    Overused Phrases

    High football iq (hes white)
  2. Lego My Lageman

    Overused Phrases

    downhill runner
  3. Lego My Lageman

    Overused Phrases

    high motor guy
  4. I dont want him, but Id embrace the f***in chaos
  5. Lego My Lageman

    Watch - We're Going to Sign Coleman

  6. Lego My Lageman

    Teams interested in trading for Jordan Howard

    just draft one then....
  7. Lego My Lageman

    Debate - Bell vs Coleman

    I want Tevin Coleman more than Leveon Bell and its not even close Pros Pass catcher Blocker Can function in a platoon if necessary Not a step away from a long suspension Cheaper Cons Hasnt proven to be a workhorse Not on the same tier as Bell At the end of the day I want Darnold throwing darts around the field, not running a lot with Bell. On top of that, allocating so much in running back is fooling in the modern NFL, especially with how much more likely it is they get injured.
  8. Lego My Lageman

    Justin Houston released by Chiefs

  9. Lego My Lageman

    Robert Kraft Thread

    If Jerry Richardson had to sell the damn Panthers for sexual harassment then Robert Kraft better damn well have to sell the PATRIOTS! These weren't women who were doing this because they were hot and making a ton of money. These were girls were human trafficking victims and according to a report were servicing 1500 men a year and had minimal hygiene. He better be gone, period and that has nothing to do with being a Jets fan. If our owner was caught doing this Id think the same thing.
  10. We think way worse of him because Bowles played him injured where he obviously couldnt perform a basic function of his job. Blame Bowles, no way we cut him.
  11. Great hire, a few years ago ppl would have killed to have him. Second time is always better and 2018 Jets have more talent than 2018 fins Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  12. Lee could be good too, I think it could be a tough situation though since the new coach is going to be a more offensive minded guy. DC hire is gonna be big.
  13. Id love to see him with a pass rusher worth his salt like Von Miller whom we are rumored to trade for. Hes not a bad player and only 24. Sign him to a good deal but obviously nothing crazy.

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