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Been a Jet fan for over 35 yrs. Ive seen the Jets lose games every way possible, but I stuck with them through thick& thin,alot of thin! I go back to the Richard Todd days at Shea, I still have his jersey my father gave me in High School. Scott Dierking, Marvin Powell, Burgess Owens, Bobby Jackson, Greg Buttle, Bruce Harper, W Walker, who to this day I feel is the best receiver in Jets history. Those games at Shea were classic, they should have won 2 Super Bowls in the 80ies with Kenny O & that great defense, Ill never forgive Gastaneau for that late hit on Kosar. Anyway,I could on & on about Jet history. Fast forward to 2011,Jets are solid again, the O line is shaky, that worries me. I think the running game will come around, it better cause now it stinks. Patriots look great again, Buffalo looks like hell to play, Jets got a rough road ahead of them @ Oak,@Balt @ NE The Jets should have a good year once they find their running game, play good D @ Sanchez finds his groove. Im predicting 11-5 but who knows after that. GO JETS!.

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