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  1. As much as I hate fat Mike hes right this time.We dont need a aww shucks everythings

    great guy. If he had any balls he should tell Rex to cut out the bullsh*t and coach&prepare your team every week.Its early so im gonna give it a little time,although one thing concerns me is that no other team interviewed this guy.

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  2. Please,Morinhweg is no God!Vick,Favre,Garcia were scramblers,they could run.Sanchez is retarted,he has two left feet. He couldnt outrun an 8th grade linebacker.Hes not a pocket passer,not a runner,he has no physical tools that a QB needs.Did I mention inaccurate. Coaches need something to work with.Marty will figure this out sooner or later.

  3. While this statement is true today, it might not be true in 5 years, this is the first time NFL coaches have specifically designed their offenses to these QB's, and I think that might change the future success that these type of QB's have yet to have.

    you just said in one post that running QB,s are a high risk and why would they be signed to a long term contract if they are such a risk.Now you say they are the wave of the future.Which is it?
  4. 6 mil is not pennies. I love how free and easy we are with OPM. Jets fans complain about bridge and tunnel tolls 15 bucks OMG but 6 mil of woody's money is no problem.

    a case can be made that the franchise health long term is better if they wait a year on Rex and Sanchez than if they just burn 14 million for no apparent reason. if you guys are in the rebuilding mode then rebuilding can take a long damn time. what's the hurry if the house is a complete tear down

    Because its not a complete tear down.Defense is above average 8th overall.New QB,a couple of playmakers on offense&a pass rusher and were competative again.If the Jets can average 24pts a game next year were in the playoffs.Without that butthole at QB.
  5. Doesn't matter if Suckchez is on the roster or not, the Jets can't start this loser again next year.4 yrs is too much with this inept butthole at this so important position anymore,and I think management knows that.Smith,Flynn anyone but Sanchez next year,he's a bust and thats that,just put this nightmare behind them.The Jets aren't that far away,the defense is play-off ready but that pathetic offense will wear a defense down barely scoring 14pts a game.How many 3&outs could a defense take.I hope this new GM tells Rex sorry Sanchez is out,tat or no tat.

  6. Most that are saying "2014" are the ones that are also saying clear house, Tanny, Rex, Sanchez, Holmes, ect. Build a young team that really can't compete on the field in 2013, and then go get the franchise QB, and use the sh*t load of cap space to get the right players in here via FA, obviously this is under the assumption the right GM makes good draft, personnel, coaching staff, and FA decisions.

    Thank you my friend,thats excactly my point,sometimes one has to take a couple steps back to go forward.
  7. 3 OC's 10 OC's, Sanchez is never going to be a difference maker its that simple.Rex knew that and so did management. You dont pick a player 5th overall and tell him just don't lose the game,don't turn the ball over. This pick set the Jets back financially for years also. Why they gave a QB rated lowest in the league an extension is beyond me. Just turn the page on this mistake and maybe by 2014 the Jets will be relevant again.

  8. Well GMC is starting Sunday so thanx for nuthin Tim. It'll be interesting to see what the Jets do next year with this 8 mill dollar piece of garbage QB. I never dreamed he'd be this bad, he's not even servicable. Message to you Woody: Most Jet fans do not want to see this guy again under center next year. We don't care what you owe him,thats your problem. You made a bad business move,eat it! You have alot of thinking to do Woody,its your mess,fix it.You can't possibly put that bad product on the field next year. They are an embarrassment to the league,that Thanksgiving debacle was a disgrace to the fans and your organization.Your move Woody.

  9. Lure Bill Cowher out of retirement, hire Charlie Casserly as the GM,and make Rex the DC. Wanna see a different team? I do. Of course this won't happen but Im sick of this regime by now.

  10. I'm not saying the OC and QB coach can't be important in developing the QB. Shannahan built his RG3 offense to be run like one he was used to at Baylor, and he's having tremendous success. But that doesn't mean RG3 isn't also a tremendous talent, much like Luck. Shannahan can't make 80-yard TD runs and bullet passes for RG3, nor can Bruce Arians make the good decisions and throws for Luck.

    Sparano and Cavanaugh may not be the guys to develop a young QB. But its become clear Sanchez has NO ability. He's sucked under 2 different OC's, is a slow processer, lacks accuracy, and makes poor decisions. Very few of his many flaws are fixable.

    You have to FIND the good young QB and go from there. The best OC and QB coaches in the world couldn't make Sanchez anything more than one of the worst QB's in the league.

    I will also add that, since there are probably no RG3's or Luck's in this year's draft, we'll probably be looking at finding a QB that is NOT special, and coaching will be more important than in RG3 or Luck's cases. Is Sparano the right guy to develop said young QB? I don't see how we could make that determination yet.

    Very well put. Sanchez is just not a good QB. He's reached his ceiling and it's low,nothing but a backup. If Brady went down and Sanchez was the backup the team would suck.That simple.
  11. Lets also not discount the head to head matchup between the two--Sanchez 35-Luck 9

    I'd take Luck over Sanchez moving forward, but I dont think there is that big of a gap between the two

    Please you gotta be kidding! Luck is bigger, stronger arm, more accurate and has much better pocket presence. No comparison. Call up the Colts and tell them they could have Sanchez and we'll take Luck, see what they say. Not a big gap?
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