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  1. No matter what happens this year, Tannenbaum has to go, thats step one. I think Rex is better suited for DC than head coach. I would love to see him as the Jets DC. Sanchez is a waste of time at this point, he obviously wasnt the next Joe Namath. That 8mil they owe him next year is just prolonging the misery of having him start when he is not the future for this team. Once they cut bait with that mistake the organization could start a new direction. Sparano has to go too, his philosophy is barbaric.The Jets need a quick strike offense in todays NFL like the rest of the elite teams. The Jets are in serious need of a makeover.
  2. Really? Almost impossible to lose? If they play like they did against Arizona theyll get the sh*t kicked out of them.
  3. ? I have no idea what you said or what your point is.
  4. Browns fans & Cubs fans are alot alike. Loyal till the end, great fans to take all that losing. Browns havent been to the AFC Championship since Ernest Bryner was fumbling & Elway was killin em back when Kosar was the QB. Long long time ago. Over the last 14 yrs the Jets have been competitive with Vinny & Chad, we had some pretty decent teams but never could get over the hump. Now the last 2yrs were getting back to horrible football from the Kotite era. Rex's act is old,no ones listening anymore,now were back to being the joke of the NFL,something gotta change like the whole ****in culture of the team! This is bullsh*t.
  5. Tradeable? Who wants him? Hes worthless.
  6. Throw Rex, Tannenbaum, Sanchez, Tebow & Holmes out with the trash.
  7. Lost 5 of last 6 games. This team is clueless like you are.
  8. Is it time for Woody to lure Bill Cowher out of retirement? I was at todays game vs. Miami, what a complete embarassment. This team has no identity or direction. To get your ass kicked by the Dolphins at home is a disgrace. Any team is a direct reflection of your coach,and Rex has been a clown from day one. From his feet video to giving fans the finger to his non-stop bullsh*t talk that he never backs up. I cant stand the sight of him anymore. Hey Woody its over! Get a professional coach
  9. Woulda been a good game if Hill gets that pass at the end for a first down, then milk the clock. Or if they woulda stopped Brady from going right down the field for a game tying field goal. But they didnt and they ****en lost so the game SUCKED!
  10. Great team win, kicked their ass! We win 35-9 & Sanchez passes for 82yrds! You cant make this sh*t up. Hope we save some of that for NE next week
  11. Mangold in Canton? c'mon man. Hes a very good center but hes no Mike Webster or Jim Otto. Webster had 10 pro-bowls & 4 Super Bowl Championships.
  12. He is positvely the worst QB in the NFL.
  13. The Giants have Eli Manning,possible Hall of Famer. The Giants could score from anywhere on the field. Those Giant teams that turned it around were light years better than this garbage Jet team. The answer to your question is no, unless we borrow Aaron Rodgers for the rest of the year.
  14. Could we get Bill Cowher out of the booth? A team is a reflection of the head coach. Rex has been a distraction and a clown not to mention unprofessional. This whole Ryan,Tanny, Sanchez debacle has got to go. And stop with the 2 AFC Championship games that Rex is still living off. We lost both games,cased closed. The Jets dont have to rebuild,changes at the top is needed. They need a culture change and that starts with the head coach.
  15. Its time for Tebow & Sanchez to go! Cant stand the sight of either of them.
  16. Well said, totally agree. Tebow had his glory days last year with a much better Denver team. He doesnt scare anyone anymore, yesterdays news. Sanchez is just a little paper mache QB who will never amount to anything. A 4yr. veteran and his best days are behind him, unbelievable. Put in McElroy, why not? The offense is putrid whats the difference at this point?
  17. That boy's gonna get lit up like a Christmas tree! But if he plays well, which I hope, why was he a running back? Just a thought but expect Ryan to use him sparingly.
  18. Please induct my man #42 Bruce Harper. He was the heart&soul of those late 70s early 80s teams. He did it all, was great out of the backfield too. I know he'll go one day. Mickey Shueler was awesome too.
  19. I cant believe some of the sh*t Im reading about how the big-name QBs are "overvalued". Brady,Brees, Eli&Payton Manning,Big Ben,Rodgers have one thing in common.
  20. Sanchez's team? Somebody forgot to tell the coaches because apparently they have no confidence in him what so ever. If they cant trust a 4yr veteran they picked 6th overall in the draft, its clear that they have to go in another direction next year. Who's kidding who? Then there's the Tebow fiasco, obviously they are scared to death to have him throw a pass. So why trade for him? The Jets painted themselves into a corner with the 2QB situation and it looks they don't know which way to turn.Sad. Anyone see Andrew Luck last week?
  21. Please they suck! Even if they beat the Jets where are they going? They havent been relevant since Shula&Marino left.
  22. A true ambassador to the game. A giant figure that brought Sunday afternoons&Monday nights into every fans livingroom.
  23. How much is a 1/2 oz. whatever your smokin must be good!
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