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  1. 57sec. left, but i agree to at least try for a field goal.If they have no faith in Sanchez in that situation, then go in another direction next year. That was lame.
  2. Jets missed 3 critical sacks, one was that 3rd-16 that went for a bullsh*t throw it up for grabs TD. If they wrap up Big Ben on those plays different ball game. That 3rd-4 they should of had him he got away then threw a little dunk pass for a first down then a TD. I,m gonna cut Sanchez some slack, dropped balls,wrong routes&Holmes sucks! Time to cut ties with this failed experiment. Gotta beat Miami,stop Reggie Bush.
  3. Really? What if the Jets lost yesterday? Mean nothing? Cmon thats just plain stupid. That was a great win. The running game has to improve against Pitt, if they lose 1-1 better than 0-2.
  4. Yes I'am,they only played one game Einstein&please keep your sick fantasies to your pathetic self!
  5. For all the hype for 3 months, Tebow& the WildCat were awful. Whats that saying?If it aint broke! Sanchez much to my surprise looked great. Every time he was getting into a nice rythym,Tebow would come in and do nothing but break the momentum that Sanchez started. I'm not getting down on Tebow,,this was a great day to be a Jet fan.But theres a time & place for everything,and that was ill-timed by Sparano,he should be able to feel the flow of the game. God forbid Sanchez drives them 95yrds. one game,Tebow comes in and throws an interception! Thats all I'm saying.
  6. Feelings mutual jerkoff.Go get Bradford killed now!
  7. Alot easier just to chant "Next Year" if were callin for Tebow. Great guy,awful QB
  8. Hey GATO, where do I get that fantastic picture of the Jets huddle in the endzone in SB III? That would look great in my downstairs bar in a frame. Awesome.
  9. Practice squad looks just as good as the starters. Oh if this team had an offense! Could we borrow Aaron Rodgers for the year?
  10. Maybe im wrong but I thought this kid was gonna work out,maybe in the nickle. K Wilson hasnt done sh*t, did Allen even get a chance?
  11. If Jets average 13pts. per game 5-11. 24pts pergame 11-5. Simple enough? I think so.
  12. Did they cut Brady too? No? Then who cares.
  13. If Sparano had Brady,Welker,Gronkowski,Herandez etc. would he be a good OC? Ask yourself this: If Sanchez were to be traded,what would he be worth? I personally dont think one team in the NFL would want him for a starting QB. Or Tebow for that matter and we have both! When are the Jets ever gonna get a top-tier QB? Sticking with Sanchez&Tebow looks like the only way. What a shame, the defense looks very good.
  14. If he throws for 4000 yrds. 35 TDs & 8 Int QB rating over 100 yeah top 10. Which we know he wont. Wish we had Andrew Luck!
  15. Finally an adult in the room. Very well put! Perfect.
  16. How about we live in reality. When you go off about kicking the Giants ass&maybe show who the big bad ass team is just sounds so petty&stupid. Where were you last Christmas Eve the North Pole? Then the Giants went into Green Bay kicked butt,won in SanFran&won their second Super Bowl in 4 yrs! It pains me to say this but the Jets arent in the same stratosphere as the Giants. Thats not sh*tting on them,just stating the facts. Been a Jet fan 40yrs. nobodys gonna tell me how to root for them. Die-hard Mets fan too,what can i say they suck! But i love em.
  17. 9-7,10-6 or 11-5 Defense is gonna steal a couple games. As far as the offense i dont know it scares me actually.
  18. Makes sense I guess, but maybe their offense finds a groove& the defense plays lights out& they go 11-5 or 10-6. It all depends on the offense, if they could average 20pts a game theyre going places.
  19. It's possible. If the offense averages 20pts. or higher a game, very possible. Thats a big IF, but i think they have the defense to do some damage.
  20. He's a disgrace to his race. Ha too funny!
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