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  1. Bruschi sounds like a jealous 14yr old girl
  2. Why don't you STFU!@ You don't belong here go the **** home 95 north&don't come back
  3. I'm impressed,very clear-headed thought. Cannot agree with you more, he will be a hired-gun from here on out. What a shame,how many millions is enough for these guys while the common man makes a living on what these guys use for lunch money. **** em!
  4. Holmes is a spoiled punk, he aint worth it anymore. If the Jets wanna change the direction of the team, he's gotta go. His act is old and he aint no Jerry Rice or Lynn Swan. Dump this a$$hole next year once and for all.
  5. I wanna see the '85 or '86 game vs. Tampa Bay 62- something. Or how bout the Bill Parcells first year with the Pats game at the Meadowlands. I was there for that 45-7 killing. I think Bledsoe was sacked 9 times. It was either '93 or '94
  6. Really? Think they'll beat the Kings? Oh thats right,they'll be golfing during the finals how can I forget. Maybe another 18 yrs. from now.
  7. Devils going to the Cup! wooooo! Maybe the Jets will follow them.Not haha
  8. Sucks for the Ravens? Who gives a sh*t! Good hes out for the year the dope that he is. **** the Ravens one less team we gotta worry about in the playoffs if we make it. Why all this pity for the enemy is beyond me. Anyone forget how they killed us last year?
  9. If you like looking at middle-aged men walking a little fag dog giving you the finger,I guess its the best photo in the world.
  10. Who was that blonde chick getting all that face time with Wisconsons QB? She looked pretty tasty.
  11. This guy could be another James Hasty or Eric McMillian. Great pick also great draft. Coples could be as good as he wants to be. Hill looks like a young Randy Moss, if these guys are coached right the skys the limit. Coples&Hill could be busts also so I dont want to get too crazy,but Allen looks like the real deal.
  12. Coples could be a beast if he wants to. Hill could be a nightmare for DB's if they coach him right&let him realize his potential. I hear this DB from the Gamecocks could be a steal. I give it a B+
  13. Jets need a safety bigtime but a passrusher in the first round would make the most sense
  14. Patriots Yankees Braves NY Rangers U of Miami Steelers Alabama U of Michigan Wolverines Ohio State
  15. I agree with RynotheJet, first 3 picks should be defense. Jets will never have an offense like the Saints or Packers, they might as well play to their strengths. sh*t,we don't even know who our QB is.
  16. Tebow hasn't done jacksh*t yet,you should ask this question in November.
  17. I think the list is pretty accurate, although Josh Freeman may have more potential than Sanchez.
  18. I guess 2+2=5 in your world huh dude?Can't argue with that right?
  19. Lets try not to drag religion into these forums,some moron said Islam&Christianity are basically the same religion.Really? Don't tell that to the "muslim world" since the practise of Christianity is out-lawed with a possible death sentence. How many Churches in SaudiArabia? This is the kind of blatant stupidity I was afraid of when Tebow came here.Lets all just see how this plays out.
  20. Pats are a great team,its that simple.As much as I hate them,as long as Beliprick&Brady are there they will be good year after year.The Braves were good for 20 yrs. you just have to let nature take its course but it'll happen one year,then they'll be sh*t again.Happens to all the great teams.49ers,Cowboys,Braves.Phillies arent far behind.their due for a fall.
  21. I dont think anyone here knows how this whole Tebow trade will play out. Phil Simms wrote a great no-nonsense article last week& I agree with him. Rex said he has "packages" for him & will utilize him in other roles besides QB. He will take a certain percentage of snaps depending on the gameplan. Simms said either your all-in or not with Tebow. Why pay a guy 2.5mill& give up 4&7 place draft picks to be a bit player to use only in certain situations.Doesn't make sense& not fair to Sanchez&Tebow. Simms doesn't think the Jets know the huge impact on this whole situation will be if the Jets start losing. Tebow has a cult following that could be a tidal wave over the organization if not handled correctly. We'll soon find out in 6 months.
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