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  1. Ha you could say that.Devils&Penn State has had success over the years.Mets?'m doomed!Jets?We all know about them.Been a RedSox fan since a kid,Yaz,Lynn,Fisk etc.Mets are my love,so you could say i'm tortured.
  2. Jets Mets Red Sox Devils Penn State
  3. Sure, who next Guidry? Here come the Blue Jays
  4. Super Bowl III which I don't remember. All the playoff years.Jets 51 Miami 45 OT'86 was there,one of the best Jets win in history.Monday Night Miracle vs.Miami was awesome.
  5. NO! It's all we need is another drama queen,no way.
  6. Is Shafer Suggs or Burgess Owens available?
  7. Please Woody ol' boy. Your people contacted Mannings people&you were told to go take a flyin leap. You passed on Manning after his posse said uhuh,not happening man. So you signed Suckchez to an extension he did not deserve&also had no leverage,just to not hurt his feelings.So special. I tell you what Woody,if your boy Sanchez looks like the same QB he did against NewEngland twice,Baltimore,Philly&Miami (last game of season),you should refund the entire fan base cause you ****ed up!
  8. 4000yrds 35TDs 8 INT He does that were doing some heavy damage. And why not? Thats what a 5th overall pick/franchise QB is supposed to do. If the Jets wanna join the elite teams Sanchez has to start winning games because of him. His pocket presense is horrible,he does not step up,stand tall&deliver strikes down the field.He retreats backwards,stumbles, then tries to throw off his back foot,which usually results in a interception.Terrible,that is what I hate about him & that is why he will never be an elite QB just a glorified backup. The Jets were crazy giving him that extension.
  9. I still don't get it. Why not wait till after this year? If he sucks again then cut him,trade him&move on. What he did to deserve this I don't know. He has no leverage at all,he was still under contract till 2013.Makes no sense.And who are they bidding against? No one.Jets should have made it clear to go out this year&kick a$$,then we'll give you another contract.But you must earn it first.Now were stuck.
  10. Manning will always be remembred in Indy like Montana in SanFran,Favre in GreenBay,Namath in NewYork. A true professional,a throw-back first ballot Hall Of Famer. I personally feel he should retire,but thats not my call. I just hope he doesnt end up like Willie Mays as a Met.
  11. Welcome to the party! So fun being a Jet fan ay? Just to show how touched in the head I'am, been a Mets fan for 35yrs.
  12. I like these picks except Floyd at 1.We need a safety in a bad way.
  13. Great highlights of D.Jackson,he reminds me of Wesley Walker.But why the ghetto music,Van Halen a much better choice.
  14. I'd be soo happy to see the Pats waste a no.2 on RGIII.Problem is it'll never happen.Brady still has at least 3 more yrs. of very productive football,Belichick's not that retarted yet.
  15. Maybe we could look like the Oregon Ducks.
  16. If Tannenbaum takes RGIII he should be assasinated.
  17. Great talent but has a VERY bad habit of not wrapping up. Special teams demon. Could be a thug headcase though.
  18. Excellent point,I forgot about that. Walton had all that talent,a complete nose-pickin jack-a$$!
  19. Yeah Rex the guarantees were pretty stupid huh?Ya think?How about this year doing something you never did before. Coach&prepare the team every week while keeping your fat mouth shut! No more wigs&foot videos PLEASE! Act like a professional Head Coach.Thank You.JetNation.
  20. Thats too easy. Dan Marino. Payton Manning stayed in school the year Jets picked #1, wasn't available.
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