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  1. = All around angry sports fan?

    Ha you could say that.Devils&Penn State has had success over the years.Mets?'m doomed!Jets?We all know about them.Been a RedSox fan since a kid,Yaz,Lynn,Fisk etc.Mets are my love,so you could say i'm tortured.
  2. Please Woody ol' boy. Your people contacted Mannings people&you were told to go take a flyin leap. You passed on Manning after his posse said uhuh,not happening man. So you signed Suckchez to an extension he did not deserve&also had no leverage,just to not hurt his feelings.So special. I tell you what Woody,if your boy Sanchez looks like the same QB he did against NewEngland twice,Baltimore,Philly&Miami (last game of season),you should refund the entire fan base cause you ****ed up!

  3. 4000yrds 35TDs 8 INT He does that were doing some heavy damage. And why not? Thats what a 5th overall pick/franchise QB is supposed to do. If the Jets wanna join the elite teams Sanchez has to start winning games because of him. His pocket presense is horrible,he does not step up,stand tall&deliver strikes down the field.He retreats backwards,stumbles, then tries to throw off his back foot,which usually results in a interception.Terrible,that is what I hate about him & that is why he will never be an elite QB just a glorified backup. The Jets were crazy giving him that extension.

  4. I still don't get it. Why not wait till after this year? If he sucks again then cut him,trade him&move on. What he did to deserve this I don't know. He has no leverage at all,he was still under contract till 2013.Makes no sense.And who are they bidding against? No one.Jets should have made it clear to go out this year&kick a$$,then we'll give you another contract.But you must earn it first.Now were stuck.

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  5. Round 1 Michael Floyd WR

    Round 2 Doug Martin RB

    Round 3 Jonathan Massaquoi, DE/OLB

    Round 4 Janzen Jackson, S

    Round 5 Vontaze Burfict ILB

    Assume the Jets take care of RT via FA, or really do believe Hunter, and Ducasse are the answer, and re-sign Leohnard.

    Would you guys be ok with these exact picks with our 1st 5 this draft?

    I like these picks except Floyd at 1.We need a safety in a bad way.
  6. So, we need pass rushers and none of the guys that have been mentioned seem to be the next Lawrence Taylor. Given that, and given the precarious state of the roster, and knowing that the Vikings and the Rams are desperately trying to trade out of the 2 and 3 slots, I'm sorta hoping that Tannenbaum stays Tannenbaum and trades up for RGIII. At the very least, we get two years of watching a potentially exciting QB prospect, while at the same time ducking out of watching what appears to be Mark Sanchez's continued decline into weepy madness. And, who knows, maybe this franchise finds a way to actually cultivate a good, young QB.

    If Tannenbaum takes RGIII he should be assasinated.
  7. Imagine the Packers/Pats/Giants/Saints/Chargers/Steelers/Eagles/Lions/Texans making that comment about the quarterback situation. The fact that we're contemplating a replacement for a top 5 draft pick quarterback within 3 years should tell you enough. Get a clue and stop living a lie, Sanchez is awful. I guarantee McElroy beats him out in an unbiased competition.

    Good point dude,my sentiments exactly.
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