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  1. Haha excellent,how true.It be a real posse yo!
  2. Agreed Green is no Walter Payton, but if you look around the league its littered with solid RBs who were picked in lower rounds or FA. I actually think RB is the least of our problems. As long as we have this pop-gun offense with a JV QB who cant throw more than 20 yrds. this team will win on defense&ball control. A big impact S & DE is a must for this team. Followed by RT& young WRs. But it looks like defense has to carry this team until we get another "franchise QB"
  3. I dont see the Raiders on this schedule, where do you see Oakland?
  4. I personally feel Phil Simms&Al Michaels should do MNF. Grudens a clown, Tirico a dope.
  5. In other words we still can't beat the good teams,thats progress
  6. Very clever. Please beat the Yankees this year, I hate them as much as the Patriots.
  7. All I can say is these retarted sportswriters are so spoiled&also have a very short memory. For 40yrs. the Patriots were a sh*t-can organization. Then Brady&Belichick started a dynasty for over 10 yrs. 5 Super Bowl appearances,5 AFC Championships&3 Super Bowl titles. They get on Brady for not getting a 4th? Ha how pathetic. Nobody hates this team more than I do&was very happy to see them lose Sunday, but I give credit when it is due&that certainly applies here. The Jets could only dream of a 12yr run like that. Maybe these idiots should move to Cleveland.
  8. I can't pass this up, to watch Belicheat&Brady go down in flames,never to reach another SB..Brady knows it too,he basically said it in a interview early this week. Their dynasty over.Coughlin will then retire,go out on top like LaRussa did.
  9. Bradys goin down, never to be seen in another SB. Put it in the bank.
  10. Could not agree more. Rex has to stop pretending Sanchez could be a great QB when no one with a brain thinks that.
  11. Really? Eli,Cruz,Nicks, Mannigham&Co. no wind either against a bullsh*t secondary.Your right,won't be close. Brady will get the sh*t kicked out of him,then crawl up in a little ball like last year against the Jets.
  12. They need a stud S&RT, the rest WR,RB,CB,QB,OLB&so on could be had in FA&lower round picks. S is a must for this defense before anything else. Problem is who in this draft is that S& is he worth trading up,going against the philosophy of gaining more draft picks?
  13. God bless you Crusher, I wish I had a son. You are truly a blessed man,good luck with your boy for whatever he does in life. Maybe one day he could help the Jets
  14. Well maybe if the Jets could throw deep&rush the passer they'd be in the ****en playoffs! You gotta be kidding me.
  15. Rex should take coaching lessons frrom Jim Harbaugh, how to instill confidence in your team without looking like a complete jackass!
  16. Jets will be lucky to be 8-8 next year, it's going to get worse till it gets better.
  17. Well put my friend, thats like a Yankee fan rooting for Boston.
  18. Ground&pound is great if your feature back is Walter Payton,Eric Dickerson or Tony Dorsett. This is a bullsh*t hire,pathetic. I thought the organization wanted to see Sanchez progress? I give up. This rudderless ship just has to run it's course until fresh faces come to the rescue one day. Meanwhile the fans suffer. I doubt many DCs will lose sleep trying to stop this prolific offense next year.
  19. Couldn't even beat the Falcons at home in NFCCG. Lucky to get 17 pts. against '85 Bears. They weren't that good bro, all O no D is not condusive to winning SBs. Plus they didn't even make the show anyway.
  20. Looks OK, nothing special. Don't like the way he throws off his back foot,hard to throw with too much velocity that way, ala Sanchez. Lets face it, were stuck with Sanchez for at least another year.
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