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  1. Agreed Green is no Walter Payton, but if you look around the league its littered with solid RBs who were picked in lower rounds or FA. I actually think RB is the least of our problems. As long as we have this pop-gun offense with a JV QB who cant throw more than 20 yrds. this team will win on defense&ball control. A big impact S & DE is a must for this team. Followed by RT& young WRs. But it looks like defense has to carry this team until we get another "franchise QB"

  2. Why bother?

    Sanchez apologists ignore the fact that the offense has never been good under him (they blame schotty often exclusively) and that the defense carried us to those playoff wins as evidenced by the fact that we held teams under their average scoring while still scoring under the averages the opposing defenses let up and still won.

    They ignore that Sanchez has always been at the bottom of the league in not only the advanced metrics, but also in QB rating, yards per attempt, and completion percentage.

    Further, Sanchez apologists ignore that even his completed passes are off target, that he holds the ball too long, that he often locks on to his WRs, that he has horrific field vision as evidenced by his terrible decision making and INTs. Instead, blaming the offensive line, a myth that Pro Football Focus pretty much blew up. They blame WRs not getting open, which is something that without game film cannot be determined and contradicts many who have gone to games and reported that Sanchez is simply not seeing open guys.

    In sum, there's nothing positive to say about him as a player except his record, which in any objective analysis, really has more to do with the defense than him. So, in reality, before this post I said just as much as you in my "trolling", as you provided absolutely nothing of substance... Nothing personal of course, because there's nothing of substance that defends Sanchez.

    Well said,cannot agree with you more.
  3. That's true we'll have to wait and see. But as of today I can see us winning 10 games with losses from the Steelers, patriots twice, Oakland, 49ers, And texans

    In other words we still can't beat the good teams,thats progress
  4. All I can say is these retarted sportswriters are so spoiled&also have a very short memory. For 40yrs. the Patriots were a sh*t-can organization. Then Brady&Belichick started a dynasty for over 10 yrs. 5 Super Bowl appearances,5 AFC Championships&3 Super Bowl titles. They get on Brady for not getting a 4th? Ha how pathetic. Nobody hates this team more than I do&was very happy to see them lose Sunday, but I give credit when it is due&that certainly applies here. The Jets could only dream of a 12yr run like that. Maybe these idiots should move to Cleveland.

  5. Good article. I like the Ridley example, but an even better one would have been Tom Coughlin benching Ahmad Bradshaw for the first half of the Giants win-or-die game against Dallas for being late to a meeting. Contrast that to how Rex handled Santonio Holmes after his disgraceful actions in the Eagles debacle--fumble, tipped pass leading to a pick, and (worst of all) Holmes mocking the Eagles TD celebration while down 18--and you know all you need to know about how a team falls apart. If you're a Mangold, or Brick, or Harris--guys who seem to be team-first and who do all the right things--how can you take Rex seriously as a leader when he was kissing Holmes' a$$ all year, WITH that stupid C on his chest, all the while with Holmes being a primadonna bitch in the locker room? Answer: you don't. What kind of message does that send? I don't care what job you have; if your boss continually rewards even his best employee despite that employee being a disruptive, self-serving a$$hole, there's no way you're not losing respect for your boss.

    Rex needs to pull his head out of his fat a$$ and realize that being the players' favoritest guy in the whole world means absolutely dick in the NFL. Let him go ask Herm Edwards about that one.

    Could not agree more. Rex has to stop pretending Sanchez could be a great QB when no one with a brain thinks that.
  6. I have to agree.... indoors, no wind or climate -- Brady is going to pass the Giants into an early submission. I don't think it will even be close --- something like the pasting the Giants took against the Ravens when they met

    Really? Eli,Cruz,Nicks, Mannigham&Co. no wind either against a bullsh*t secondary.Your right,won't be close. Brady will get the sh*t kicked out of him,then crawl up in a little ball like last year against the Jets.
  7. The Giants aren't balanced, they just throw it deep and rush the passer which are both great equalizers and can keep them in the game vs better teams.

    Well maybe if the Jets could throw deep&rush the passer they'd be in the ****en playoffs! You gotta be kidding me.
  8. Ground&pound is great if your feature back is Walter Payton,Eric Dickerson or Tony Dorsett. This is a bullsh*t hire,pathetic. I thought the organization wanted to see Sanchez progress? I give up. This rudderless ship just has to run it's course until fresh faces come to the rescue one day. Meanwhile the fans suffer. I doubt many DCs will lose sleep trying to stop this prolific offense next year.

  9. Looks OK, nothing special. Don't like the way he throws off his back foot,hard to throw with too much velocity that way, ala Sanchez. Lets face it, were stuck with Sanchez for at least another year.

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