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  1. 1. 68 Colts 2. 90 Buffalo Bills 3. 91 BuffaloBills 4. 92 Buffalo Bills 5. 93 Buffalo Bills
  2. Ground&pound,pound&ground.Sanchez not scaring anybody,8men in the box,score 10-20pts. a game.Sounds great!
  3. Bingo! I said the same thing at work,and Patriot fans go crying in their beer.They won't win sh*t anymore unless they get a defense. But they are a great team,just can't wait till they fall one day,every empire does.
  4. I have said this for years,as much as I hate the Patriots they have been a class-A organization for the past 12 yrs. Am I jealous? yes&man enough to admit it.Look at all the coaches the Jets went through during the time Belicheck told Parcells&the Jets go **** yourselfs. Oh what coulda been.
  5. Really? Don't tell Jet fans your sh*t. Send your e-mail to the players themselves,after all what do they know?They only basically live with the guy for 8 months.Those rose tinted glasses you wear are turning brown.
  6. Please stop with worthless stats,comparing Sanchez to Namath is a joke. I suggest all Jet fans to read todays Daily News sport section Jan.11, that tells you all you need to know how Sanchez's teamates feel about him&the direction of the organization. I've been saying for months that Rex's big mouth is classless&un-professional,and all I hear is he's the best coach in team history. Its obvious that alot of the players also think his act is bullsh*t at this point. What a shock. Rex still thinks he's coaching the 2000 Ravens with a great defense&not much of a QB. You can't win like t
  7. Everybody keeps talking about how wonderful life would be with a new OC next year. but our genius head coach is in love with Shotty.So if Shotty doesn't get the Jag job, we have another year with a sh*t OC, a sh*t QB, and fat ol' Rex predicting another SB. How pathetic. Watching these playoffs then thinking back to that last Miami game, the Jets would be destroyed by every team playing right now.They are light years away with competing with the Saints, Pats, or Packers.Why? No offense. Until Sanchez or pray God another QB comes in&starts lighting up the scoreboard, it's gonna be the same s
  8. Are you for real you joke? Nicer guys? How about better coaches moron! Rex shoots his fat mouth all day while the team he coaches falls apart from the seams. Your right, he hasn't been there before. so why the **** does he act like he has!
  9. Well put my friend, couldn't have said it better myself.
  10. He doesn't just throw interceptions, his interceptions continue to lose games as was the case his rookie year. He looked totally overwhelmed against the Ravens&Eagles, like a lost little boy. I was embarassed to go to work the next day, I caught so much sh*t. Thats how the 5th overall pick in the draft looks like? After 3 yrs? The guy doesn't breed confidence. I hope the lights go on next year, but lets face it he's never gonna scare anybody. This is a QB driven league just look at this years playoffs, besides Tebow some pretty good QBs.
  11. 35yrs.& counting, but I'm very concerned about Sanchez&Rex's coaching style.
  12. Sounds like a leader to me, the truth hurts!
  13. Holmes is a punk, don't excpect much of him anyway. Thats the way the league is now, ghetto attitudes permeate all the teams. What, Tanny didn't know this when he signed him? Holmes must of got real pissed off when he found out a DE for the other team had more receptions than him. This is a QB driven league&Sanchez is a little pop-gun QB who struggles to throw for 200 yrds. It gets frustrating after a while. The Yankees didn't fight with each other in the 70's while winning 2 World Series? If Holmes was on GB, Saints or Pats he'd be tearing up the league&he knows that. Hey, sh*t happen
  14. How about acting like a professional football coach. Mike Mcarthy, Sean Payton,&Belicheck just win Super Bowls without saying much. It's called class, which you lack severely. Try coaching&preparing your players instead of making backpage headlines for asinine quotes. Your team looked terribly ill-prepared on many occasions, which is a direct reflection on you. Stop the loud clown act&act like you've been there before.
  15. No such thing as bad student? Try teaching HS in Camden, many bad student! Sanchez just isn't a bad student, he's a bad QB. Is there anybody who thinks if Sanchez was on Green Bay, Saints, or Patriots that he would put up the same kind of numbers as Brees,Brady ,or Rodgers? Yes Shotty's system sucks, but so does Sanchez and the sooner upper mangmt figures this out the Jets could put a much better product on the field.
  16. The Jets window is closed for now, they had their chance. Sanchez is pathetic, old receivers, safetys suck, o line sucks, OC sucks. But we need to dump Suckchez before anything else.
  17. As Iv'e said before being critical of your team means you are living in reality.
  18. Simms never carried anything? How about Super Bowl MVP when the Giants beat Denver: 22-25 still a completion record for a SB. The whole point is Sanchez doesn't have the physical tools to keep any DC up all night and thats what a 5th pick overall should do. He looks a HS QB out there, what he lacks you can't teach.
  19. So let me get this straight. The Jets moved up in the draft to pick a QB 5th overall that is average or one day may be "above" average. Really? Well excuse this old Jet fan for running out of patience with the 5th pick in the draft who makes the same mistakes over&over, could get sacked by a 7th grader, can't step up in the pocket & throw a 25yrd. dart, and could never carry a team by himself. I saw Simms, Elway, Marino&Jim Kelly as rookies and they had the physical attributes that can't be taught: pocket presence& a powerful arm with accuracy. Throw Aikman in there too. A 5th
  20. I've been a Jets fan since the mid-70's and have been to hell&back with this team. Being honest about the strength&weaknesses of your team is what being a real fan is all about. It doesn't mean your deserting them, just pointing out the obvious. Maybe Rex ought to try this, instead of talking up the Jets like there the '84 Niners. He sounds like a complete jackass&out of touch with reality when he does this. If Sanchez was drafted by the Browns,Rams or Panthers he wouldn't even come close to making the playoffs, let alone 2 Championship games. Thats called reality. He was lucky eno
  21. I read that too and was shocked. Thats quite an accomplishment considering that teams like to rush up the middle with various tackle&linebacker stunts.
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