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  1. When is the last time anyone saw Suckchez stand tall in the pocket and throw a 25yrd. laser down the field on 3rd&15? Exactly, never. And he never will either. Know the last Jet QB to do that? Try Ken O'Brien. Rex is blinded by his big ego&fatter mouth.
  2. This is beautiful, is that you Wayne? Well, it sounds great, but don't tell us. Go have a sitdown with Woody and tell him your dreams. The powers that be will never part with Rex or dirty Sanchez. Rex has always said he plans on being around a long time&Sanchez will be his QB. Listen, Rex is an embarrassment to the Jets& the NFL, he can't shut up. Doe's he see the team he trots out every week? I do and its not Jim Kelly under center throwing to Andre Reed&James Lofton. Talk about a pop-gun offense, yet Rex talks like the Jets are the '93 Cowboys. It's so sad. He's like the loud-mou
  3. I totally disagree with that theory about Rex's big mouth deflects attention from his players. If anything it puts more pressure on them to deliver, not him. Like O.J. Anderson said, Rex dont put on the pads&hit anybody, its the players who have to cash the check. This is coming from a guy with 2 rings. I really wish he would shut the **** up at this point,it's getting old fast. His team just got humiliated 45-19, and he's up there talking sh*t. I think it's very unprofessional. A coach could still whip his team up&get them confident without acting like a jackass everytime.
  4. Will everybody shut up about the draft! Bunch of losers man. The Jets gave that game to Philly.They beat the sh*t out of the Chiefs, then the Chiefs beat Green Bay. We beat Washington, then they beat the Giants. The Bengals suck, wish we played them to settle this sh*t once and for all. Anything could happen in this league, the playoffs are a new season. If anyone doesn't want to see the Jets make the playoffs then get lost!
  5. Its a stupid argument. No one hates BB more than I do, but where does it end. Lombardi was nothing without Bart Starr? Chuck Knoll without Bradshaw? Bill Walsh no Montana? Landry no Staubach? Every great team has a great QB, that simple. Would Torre win all those rings without Mo? Every great coach needs great players, thats what makes them great.
  6. At least he's not getting on his hands&knees with his a$$ in the air on a prayer rug pointed toward Mecca! That would be a problem. All kidding aside, I don't think Elway is sold on Tebow, he can't basically jerk-off for 50 min. a game, then come alive to keep pulling wins out of his a$$. And lets be honest, if Denver did not have a good defense, none of this would be possible. If he doesn't change his act next year he won't last, he took everybody by suprise this year. Thats what Elway is worried about.
  7. Yeah, they got ripped-off. But the way the Packers were scoring, I dont think it really mattered in the end. If it was a 16-13 game like Jets&Denver, then this would have been more heartbraking.
  8. As much as I hate to say this, we'll never beat the Giants with this pop-gun offense. They looked horrible for 52 min, until we scored 3 quick TD's. Giants&Miami games scare me. Man that Denver game killed us.
  9. Id bring him as a mascot. You gotta be kidding me!
  10. Plax paid for his stupidity, did his time and now just wants to get on with his life. What amazes me is I havent heard one player or commentator speak out against Michael Vick.This heartless punk thug killed dogs for entertainment&money yet not a peep from his peers. Killing one of Gods innocent creatures is an act of total depravity. Guess no one wants to hurt Vicks feelings, wonder how those dogs he killed would feel about that.
  11. That article made sense, but thats not what Im talking about regarding Sanchez. I realize young QBs are going to have growing pains, they all do,except Marino. But Sanchez doesnt seem to learn from his mistakes, he does the same thing over and over again and its wearing thin. Cant he have ONE solid game: 300yrds 3TD NO INT, This pick 6 sh*t has to stop!
  12. I read 3 sport sections a day and never heard of Manning coming here. Sanchez era over? Wow that was quick. Peyton comes here and wins a Super Bowl, retires then the Jets dont have a QB again. Ill take it.
  13. Totally agree, getting bad out there. Every incomplete pass I look for a flag. Unless its something blatant, let the guys play.This is something the league should look at because these are game-changing flags that are being thrown for the slighest of touching the receiver.
  14. Just shows all the me-me its all about me &**** my team attitude from this ghetto mentality all around the league.Pathetic.
  15. The thing I admire about Tebow is his moral values and the way he conducts himself on&off the field. What those animals from Detroit did in mocking his religious faith was a disgrace. What if he was a Muslim and got taunted? Im sure the media would have made a big deal of it,sensitivity training&all that bullsh*t .With the me-me ghetto attitude around the league today, the guys a breath of fresh air. That being said, I think hes a terrible QB,couldnt hit the Titanic if it was in front of him. He wont last, Elway knows that, for now thats all they have. As far as the bandwagon fans, tha
  16. Please! Bash Folk for what? The guys been one of the best placekickers in the league this year, he misses a couple from over 50& one from 26. He doesnt drink motor oil for breakfast. New England beats the sh*t out them, then they lose to a pathetic Denver team cause our offense sucks, our OC sucks, and our QB sucks! Anybody who would bash Folk is not watching the same team as Ive been.
  17. Well for starters, this is a no playoff season. And does that mean no Sanchez either? Sign me up!
  18. Sure, why not. Ive always said the Jets are one of those teams that could lose their starting QB and not make much or a difference.This is not Green Bay losing Rodgers, Colts losing Manning(hows that going)?.or Brees&Brady out for their teams. Sanchez will never be more than what he is,a Tony Romo, Jeff Garcia type QB who shows flashes, but then ruins all that with bonehead throws that lose the game. Every game is a mystery with Sanchez, who ya gonna get each game. That is no way a so-called franchise QB should play. Last nites game was a perfect example. With the way the defense played, a
  19. If Obama was white he wouldnt be President. We could go on&on about Tebow, my God this sounds like a Democratic fund raiser thread.
  20. Loved him at Penn State.He was a beast up there! He looks like he just neede to be coached, hes all heart. Gotta like that. Maybe the Jets found a gem in the trash heap, but they have to sign him to a safety net contract.
  21. The lowest point is when Dan(wish he was a Jet)Marino retired.Been sh*t since.
  22. I think everyone goes through phases as kids with different teams. I was a Raider fan in the 70's,Raider pajamas& all. I wore #41 in HS cause I loved Phil Vilipiano. But I was a huge Jet fan, so was my father. We used to go to alot of games at Shea, the Richard Todd era. 35 years of torture with this team, dont remember the only Super Bowl win,only 5 at the time. As for Fireman Ed, dont know him, I find the Flight Girls a hell of alot better to look at then that gavone.
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