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  1. I agree with that prediction, but I think its going to be 31-27 Jets. Finally the offense will pull its head out of its a$$. Tomlinson will be amped, crowd will be into it,and Sanchez goes to no huddle and starts hitting some big plays down field. I think the defense will make some plays too. Offense is the key to keep the defense off the field, they must convert 3rd downs, that will go a long way to determine which way this game goes. Too many 3& outs and their finished.
  2. I think its a good move, this guy has blazing speed 6 3", but could he catch? Jets havent had a legit deep threat to stretch the field since Santana Moss. Cant get too excited about a 1-5 team getting rid of a PS guy, but who knows? They have to try something cause this offense is putrid, that being said I think the Jets are gonna beat the Chargers, maybe the light will go on.
  3. The Jets were lucky to win last night, they still look terrible. I thought they were gonna come out fired up & just smoke em. Miami outgained them 175-10 at one point,4 3& outs, this is clearly not a team ready for prime-time. And I dont wanna hear well, they won, be happy. Hell, Don Bosco HS could beat Miami, yet Miami had every opportunity to bury the Jets early if they were to resemble an NFL quality team, which San Diego will do if the Jets dont pull their heads out of their a$$!
  4. Good,theJets need all the help they can get, this guy could be a problem ifs hes on his game. He killed them last year with 166 yrds in Miami. That being said, what a freeken retard! His team is 0-4 and its all about him, if I was his teamate id threaten him to stay in the game or face major sh*t. Just another example of God given talent wasted on a person with the mind of a 2yr old.
  5. I agree with JiF, I said last week we wont beat NE, but well beat Miami&SanDiego at home 4-3 at the bye. Losing to Miami would make me sick, how could this be a good thing? And whats all this Andrew Luck crap? Jets are going 2-14 this year then draft Luck? What do we do with Sanchez? Trade him? Anybody think this organization would take that PR disaster after making Sanchez the saviour of this franchise then dump him after 3 yrs? Were stuck with him, losing more games would just make it a sh*tty year, does nothing for the draft next year. I believe in rebuilding and being competitive at the same time, I think this team has the talent to do that. Get young at wide receiver, fortify the o-line through the draft& free agency.You dont have to throw away the entire year to do that. Sanchez is here for the next 3-4 yrs min. So this organization has to figure out how to get a Super Bowl title with a middle of the road overated QB.
  6. The 3rd quarter playcalling was horrible when it was 17-14. The defense just held NE to 2 three&outs, what do the Jets do? 2 three&outs. 2 fricken running plays for 3 yrds,pass inc.punt. Same thing next series,NE gets the ball back then hits Welker for 73yrds, momentum switch,NE scores shortly after24-14, game on the way to being over. Why didnt the Jets go to a no-huddle fast agressive approach and dictate the game?Why dont they act like their 10 pts behind every time they have the ball? That seems the only time this offense shows life! I can see this and this millionare OC cant! He doesnt know what makes his offense tick? He calls the same fricken plays all game, he sucks man. Who knows what would have happened if they just scored on one of those series,17-17,21-17 totally different game.
  7. No, not yet. I think the Jets will lose against Pats simply cause we wont be able to keep up with Brady. After that its home games against Miami&San Diego, which I believe Jets win both games, so theyll be 4-3 @ the bye. After that who knows? I realize this is a bullsh*t prediction, but I have no idea if this team has any identity. I just hope at this point they resemble a well coached& prepared team. If they lose to Miami at home MNF, then the season is officially over.
  8. After watching the first 4 games, lacking heart has nothing to do with it. They look like a team that was just put together over-nite. This problem comes from the top, but Rex Ryan brainwashed Tanney into thinking they are the best team in football. I cant count how many times Rex told anybody who would listen he took the Jets to 2 AFC Championships. He sat on his laurels, brimming with pride& over-confidence, instead of upgrading the team& strive to get better. Total lack of coaching&preperation is hurting this team,not lack of heart.
  9. All you guys out there telling Namath to shut up, go have another drink is just so immature. The man has every right to say that cause its true. Ive been a Jet fan over 30 yrs, I dont remember the '69 team that Namath won for the only Championship this team ever won. Joe loves this team and hes speaking like a fan. Im also tired of Rexes clown behavior and constant Super Bowl predictions, how about getting them prepared for a 60 min. game Rex, unlike last yrs. AFC Champsp. game? Dont get me wrong, I like Rex, he took this team to another level since hes been here. He made the Jets one of the elite teams in the league and very popular. But there comes a time where he has to tell them everythings not alright. Tackling sucks, O- line has to play much better,and stop the stupid penalties or Baltimore and Ray Rice will do the same thing that Oakland did, which is getting your a$$ kicked again!
  10. Bottom line McFadden did to them was what Mendenhall did last year in AFC Chmps game, tore the sh*t out of them. Cromartie screwed them also, DONT TOUCH RECEIVER PAST 5 YRDS RETARD! No pass rush at all & Janokowski hitting 60 yrders all day didnt help. Jets were beat by a bigger line up front, Raiders won the trenches. But I am impressed by the fact they are never out of a game, they didnt tank it after being down 31-17. Sanchez will never be Brady or Manning, but he plays with alot of heart& balls. I think Jets are going to suprise people & upset Ravens next week.
  11. jaspegs nailed it! Couldnt have said it better myself.
  12. I agree with the Inductees this past week, next year Wesley Walker HAS to get in, I think hes the Jets alltime best receiver & deep threat. If it was Todd, Kenny O, or Matt Ryan, Walker was always a playmaker. But there is someone missing and that is #42 Bruce Harper. This guy was the heart& soul of this team for many years. Punt, kickoff returner,running back,receiver he was all over the field. And while were at it, dont forget #93 Marty Lyons, he was a main cog with the sack exchange on that line with Klecko all those years. I used to sit behind the Lyons Loonies crowd at Shea back in the day.
  13. Jets62

    The Colts

    If the Patriots lost Brady they would be in the same situation as the Colts. Is the backup for NE going to throw for almost 900 yrds. in 2 games.to overcome their garbage defense? Doubt it. The Chargers gave them that game, it was pathetic to watch. The Jets on the other hand wouldnt fall as hard as those teams cause they are built with a strong defense & running game. As far as Brunell, no way hes done, he has no arm left & cant move. That would be a disaster. Put in the kid McElroy, hes young, energetic, could scramble, and a winner. Hes from a bigtime program & is the same type of QB as Sanchez, not gonna pile 400yrds on you but can manage a game with quick slants & the run. You cannot replace a Brady, Manning, Rodgers or Brees. Sorry to say, Sanchez you can.
  14. I dont believe anyone said Sanchez was going to be the next Dan Marino when he was drafted, his profile was a gutsy competitor& a leader with an average arm. Thats what he is, I would prefer a Jim Kelly type who throws 400 yrds. per game & 3 touchdowns, but Sanchez will never be that guy. Hes more of a nickel & dime down the field mixed with runs, but I like his never say die attitude. I think alot of Jet fans were a little dillusional about him, but I would take him over alot of QBs in the league. We could have Neil O Donell & Bubby Brister back! J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!
  15. Finally Jets win a complete game

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