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  1. I would call that response also lazy. Might want to read all the posts you multiquoted and actually respond to them. Or you should probably just stay away from multiquoting in general.
  2. and I cant tell if you think paying a premium price for a stopgap QB is actually a good thing the boss analogy you made is just lazy and irrelevant especially since fitz isn't under contract
  3. love to have contract players. If hes gonna help the team itll be this year
  4. tough spot since fitz may have played himself into a somewhat big contract. Hopefully not many other teams will be biting hard and we can get him reasonably for 2 years
  5. we got away with that low hit to bradys knees. Jets could realistically win this game
  6. jets got away with it couple weeks ago but I still don't get it. At what point do you not have to "play the ball" and turn around.
  7. good play but can someone explain to me the PI rules. It didn't seem like he turned around and "played the ball" NFL rules confuse me
  8. feed ivory the ball ps: havnt been on in a while and everything looks so new and shiny
  9. his new trollish personality is great
  10. does anyone know how this works? PAts are being fined 1 million but from my understanding wont pay brady for 4 games which comes out to 1.6 million? So are the pats actually saving money?
  11. i dont think the perception and dignity of the sport matter i just hope they get crushed with penalties because they are the pats
  12. I think thats being a little dramatic. **** the pats* and brady though hope they get crushed with a punishment.
  13. dudes hysterical and actually a good player his reponse to deflate gate was amazing
  14. the tripping thing jets did was soooooooooooooooooo bad
  15. Well like I said williams was a fantastic pick. The other picks while I feel are solid I think there were others id have chosen ahead of them. Like how smith turn out great but its hard passing up a 6,4 WR in jalean strong. Mauldin looks good for our D seems like a really great guy I just question his athleticism which is something the jets sorely need. All solid picks tho I may have just went a slightly different way
  16. I think thats a solid draft if not a great draft. Leonard Williams is really a great catch for the jets
  17. uh oh I just read he cant play against physical corners and he has trouble catching the ball.... tell me we did good please. please convince me before I go cry in a corner
  18. Wouldnt hate it but I still want a good offensive lineman
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