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  1. 2 hours ago, jgb said:

    Calling everything "lazy" (improperly I might add) is actually lazy. Not to mention no one is suggesting he be paid premium QB money. If redefining the question falsely is the only way you can "win" an argument, you should reconsider your position.

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    I would call that response also lazy.


    Might want to read all the posts you multiquoted and actually respond to them. Or you should probably just stay away from multiquoting in general.


  2. 7 hours ago, jgb said:

    Can't tell if you are thinking you are making a point but if you are, it is a bad one

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    and I cant tell if you think paying a premium price for a stopgap QB is actually a good thing


    the boss analogy you made is just lazy and irrelevant especially since fitz isn't under contract


  3. UH what?  Williams is considered a cant miss prospect, best player in the draft, in the fold of Deacon Jones HOF. That alone is mind boggling that he fell to us at #6.  Devin Smith could be the next Desean Jackson, kid is smoking fast. Mauldin is a beast, strong, good pass rusher and a good fit for us, fills a huge need.  If Petty can reach his potential, this draft could easily be the best Jet draft ever.  On top of that, we added Marshall for a 5th, traded a 7th for a productive RB in Stacey.  Also, could get a steal in guard Harrison in the 5th.  Some people are just hard to please.  



    Well like I said williams was a fantastic pick. The other picks while I feel are solid I think there were others id have chosen ahead of them. Like how smith turn out great but its hard passing up a 6,4 WR in jalean strong. Mauldin looks good for our D seems like a really great guy I just question his athleticism which is something the jets sorely need.


    All solid picks tho I may have just went a slightly different way

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